Contrary to the popular belief, the gorgeousness of your backyard space and that luxurious feel don’t necessarily have to depend on the space itself and/or a hefty budget. Much can be accomplished with just a little thoughtful planning and this time around we’re giving you a few helpful tips to rely on in approaching your luxury backyard design.

Hint: most of it is based on the recently popular outdoor design trends the world’s gone crazy about!

Shade and structures

It’s not that plain outdoor water features don’t cut it anymore… it’s just that things in outdoor/backyard design have gone past the basic water fascination and embraced an entirely new approach to backyard lavishness: outdoor retreats! These days, everything is revolving around gorgeous, luxurious, and overwhelmingly rich in design pergolas and cabanas that somehow still manage to stay super functional and comfortable. Integrated into the home’s design, these outdoor elements look like an extension of the home while still keeping that outdoorsy quality alive. The cohesive aesthetic is absolutely beautiful and the fact it is built in a way to provide protection from the elements makes it a perfect spot to enjoy throughout the whole year. Depending on your personal tastes, you can customize the space with interesting lights, outdoor furniture, cushions and more.

An at-home sauna

A perfect testament to the spa yard obsessions is the trend of building an actual sauna in your backyard. Seriously, what could be as deluxe as a sauna right there outside your door? Exactly! Apart from looking rich, saunas are actually a perfect spot to relax, rewind and detox so building one isn’t such a bad idea. The latest trend falls on sauna cabins as they are very easy to install at home and they don’t take much space.  Find one that takes your fancy and start the project immediately!

Outdoor spas and pools

If you want your backyard to scream luxury, elegance and style, building an outdoor spa structure is the thing to do. Backyard trends have evolved so much that, these days, you can indulge in a number of photo mosaic creations, gradient tiles, use various building materials… all with the purpose of designing a custom look for your backyard, a truly unique structure that stands out. Someone say zero edges, infinity edges, sunken spaces and perimeter overflows? Yes, please. If you want to upgrade your pool game with a little more extravaganza, a fabulous 2 person outdoor spa paired with a couple of tanning ledges is one of the most popular choices for a spectacular spa-like backyard, so – don’t wait too long to install them.

A family fire pit

Colder areas always welcome a nice fire pit, and this time around the fire trend has moved from the indoors outside. Usually an extension to outdoor structures (read paragraph 1), fire pits are often installed within stone tables or stand alone. Depending on the size of your yard and the vibe you are going for, a family fire pit is the perfect solution for family gatherings on colder nights

A Japanese garden

One of the favorite outdoor elements of those with who appreciate having a peaceful space to chill, relax or meditate, a Japanese garden is not only incredibly beautiful but it also oozes a very sophisticated elegant and lavish vibe.  Choose the right types of plants like bamboo, maple, blood grass, and pair it with rocks, sand, trees, flowers, water and, if the space allows it, wooden bridges that will give the look cohesiveness.  Well chosen lights always play a role, so it wouldn’t hurt for you to add dim lights around for a more relaxed feel.

There! 2018 backyard design trends suited for most homes and budgets are right in front of you, so make sure you make the best of them!