image-4Did you know that a bathroom is probably the most under-appreciated and underrated room of the house when it comes to realizing design potentials? Most people just choose the cheapest tiles, the simplest bathtub and other plumbing fixtures that never seem to draw any attention. That’s the reason why our bathrooms are boring and unexciting, and why we don’t want to spend too much time in them. However, if you put your mind to it and spend some time contemplating somewhat unusual bathroom decorations and designs, you might come up with something much more interesting and inviting. Mixing several styles, patterns and colors will turn your bathroom into a piece of eclectic heaven that’s quickly going to become the talk of the neighborhood.

Start with the Bathtub

image-2This is the base of every bathroom, no matter how eclectic or not you want to make it – a proper bathtub is not only the focal point of the entire space, but also an element that allows you to show off your creativity and imagination. You can choose a variety of styles and elements, and successfully combine colorful tiles and eccentric patterns with the pure whiteness of the tub’s interior.

Moreover, if you pick a freestanding bathtub, you’ll turn your bathroom into a private spa retreat and still have enough space to insert other elements into the mix. Another thing you could try is limestone flooring that goes perfectly with an eclectic color scheme. Finally, if you’re not a fan of tubs, you can always pick a walk-in shower or a glass-enclosed one.

Eclectic Flooring

spa2Speaking of flooring, you don’t necessarily have to go with the limestone idea as a number of experts acknowledge that this choice has both pros and cons. That’s why you need to take more than just one choice into consideration and combine several materials on your bathroom floor. But, when choosing which ones to purchase, don’t pick the cheapest option on the market – investing a bit more money will definitely pay off at the end.

Additionally, try to customize your tiles. There are more and more design studios that offer this option nowadays and all you need to do is express your wishes regarding colors, patterns and styles. Just imagine the admiration your bathroom will receive once it’s equipped with customized or mosaic tiles!

Cabinets, Countertops, Islands and Everything in Between

image-1Just because not everyone likes investing in their bathrooms doesn’t mean that yours can’t look superb. And the best way to make it stand out is installing bathroom cabinets, countertops and even islands – yes, these elements are usually found in the kitchen, but you wouldn’t believe how well they look in a bathroom! Cabinets, for example, can be easily mounted on the walls and they provide enough storage space for all your beauty products, towels and laundry, so your bathroom can always stay clean and tidy.

Countertops, on the other hand, are considered to be one of the key elements of an eclectic bathroom. Their design is appealing and their colors can match the ones of your tiles. However, you must plan countertops carefully if you want to maximize the free space you have. Also, be sure to call an expert to install all your plumbing fixtures – there’s no use in having a concrete or marble countertop if you have a leaky faucet, claim people from Your Choice Plumbers.

Other Ideas

image-5Of course, these aren’t the only ideas for an eclectic bathroom – you can also look into decorative wallpaper, unusual fixtures, vintage ceiling-mount showerheads, corner showers and dimmed lights. All of these will create a fusion of styles and patterns, thus transforming your bathroom into an eclectic showcase.