A house always needs some sort of improvement. Whether it’s a new lighting fixture or a completely new roof, you can always find an area that could use a bit of a fix-up. If you’ve wanted to take some time to make your home a better place for living, you have an entire year to work on your improvement plan.

If you’re not sure which parts of the house to dedicate your attention to, we have a few suggestions that will help you make a choice.

Paint the walls

A fresh coat of paint is always welcome in your home. Painting the bedroom, living room or hallway walls will upgrade the interior aesthetically, but it’ll also benefit your health, considering that’s the best way to disinfect the space. Various smells, cigarette smoke or cooking vapors are absorbed into the walls and a fresh coat of paint will offer your home a fresh scent and a beautiful look. Furthermore, check your doors, stairway, windows and wooden furniture. Make sure you fill in all the cracks in the paint, and give the furniture a completely new and improved look.

Clean out the clutter

A home full of clutter is unsightly and not good for you. Therefore, it’s time you got rid of all the unnecessary items that only crowd your living space. Get organized by sifting through your closets and drawers, and take a look at all the clothing items sitting unused. If you can’t remember the last time you wore that blouse (and it looks brand new), donate it to Goodwill and continue rummaging through the rest of the clothes. Alternatively, you can even earn a few bucks if you sell your clothes online. This is especially true for clothing items that you haven’t worn even once, because you can sell them for a good price. Now that you’re on a cleaning spree, move on to the kitchen and pantry and get rid of all those old unused cookbooks, expired foods and old spices. Throw away all unused utensils, worn out dishrags and old receipts that clutter the kitchen drawers. If you want to keep the drawers organized at all times, limit each drawer to one or two item categories.

Clean ventilation and filters

Your ventilation and air condition filters tend to be a home for many bacteria if they’re not cleaned regularly. If you inhale the bacteria for too long, you can end up with serious respiratory infections, so make sure you keep the filter clean. Furthermore, air-conditioning systems will have to work harder and use more electricity if the filter is dirty, so make sure you clean the filter not only to protect your health, but to save money as well. If your air conditioner is making a strange noise, have it inspected by an air conditioning repair contractor.

Cut your costs

Scaling back the expenses can be a real struggle, but if you think harder, you will see that you can save up twice as much money if you just break some habits. Instead of relying on takeout food or eating at a restaurant, prepare some food on your own. Furthermore, your electricity bills can cost a fortune each month, so it’s a good idea to compare electricity prices to save money. All you’ll have to do is send your electricity bill to experts and they’ll quickly give you recommendations that will help you save money in the future.

Inspect your roof

Your roof is the biggest protection from the elements, so you need to check it regularly. Water can cause severe damage to your home if it finds its way inside your house, so make sure all the spots on the roof are fixed or consider getting a new roofing installation if the old roof is several years old. Also, don’t let the gutters stay clogged because that will open your home to water damage. If your home is damaged by water, it’ll cost you a fortune to repair it, so pay attention to your roof’s condition regularly. Those who see significant damage on their EDPM roof may hire EPDM Roof Restoration specialists.

If you are planning to improve your house, make sure you include the previously mention tips. Keep it clean, clutter free, and safe from water damage, and you’ll enjoy your beautiful home for years to come.