bathroomDespite usually being quite small, bathrooms can be the trickiest to design. Luckily, today there are many styles you can opt for. Vintage-style bathrooms are something many people choose to go with. Such bathrooms are known to provide a comfortable escape from the outside world as well as classy and elegant ambience. That’s why a vintage-style bathroom might just be what you were looking for. If you decide to design your bathroom in such a style, make sure you check out the following 5 tips.

Get Some Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most important parts of every bathroom. Besides extending space visually, mirrors can also be used to add some style to your bathroom. First of all, you have to choose the right frame for your mirror. Elegant and classy frames are something you can never go wrong with. Another thing you should have in mind is that oversized mirrors can ruin the balance in your bathroom. That’s why you should always be careful when choosing the size of your new mirror. When decorating in vintage style, hanging a couple of smaller mirrors is also a good idea.

Choose the Right Doors and Floors

bathroom cedar cityDoors are another important part of your bathroom. So, if you want to design a vintage-style bathroom, you should think about replacing them with Elite Door and Windows.. Doors in neutral colors are always a great option. If you’re looking to get the most of your new doors, you can always choose ones with privacy glass. It’s something that will make your bathroom look vintage and unorthodox. Also, you should pay attention to the doorknobs you choose for your new doors. Today, there’s a vast list of rustic doorknobs you can choose from. Choosing the right floor can be difficult, check with Pioneer Floor Coverings to find the perfect choice.

Bring in a Chair

Who says there shouldn’t be a chair in your bathroom? Not many people choose to add a chair in their bathrooms, but then decorating in vintage style, is something you should consider. Still, there are a couple of things you should bear in mind in case you decide to do this. Keeping a chair in your bathroom will cause it to require some extra maintenance. If a chair is constantly exposed to humidity and you don’t take proper care of it, chances are it’ll get ruined. Also, if you want your chair to fit perfectly into your vintage-style bathroom, make sure you choose one with elegant coating.

Get a New Tub

Your tub is one of the most important parts of your bathroom. So when going vintage, you should pay a lot of attention to the type of bathtub you’re going to choose. Clawfoot bathtubs are always a great choice when decorating in vintage style. A classy and elegant bathtub is something all vintage bathrooms should have. When choosing the faucet for your new bathtub, make sure you consider getting a golden one as these are considered to be absolutely perfect for vintage style bathrooms.

Make Use of Old Suitcases

Adding a couple of old suitcases into your bathroom is one of the best ways to make it look vintage. It’s something that will separate your bathroom from all the others. Not only this, but it will make it look fashionable. A great thing about having old suitcases in your bathroom is that you can actually use them to store all of your bathroom supplies. It’s a perfect way to get rid of bathroom clutter and still make your bathroom look fantastic. Old suitcases will also create a perfect ambience for relaxation in your bathroom.

When it comes to bathroom design, vintage-style bathrooms are something you can never go with. Make sure you do all of the above mentioned things and you’re guaranteed to end up with a perfect vintage-style bathroom you’re going to adore.


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