Who says a small patio is not comfortable enough? With the right furniture and bright colours, your small patio could become as comfy as your master bed. Utilize the space, bring colours and fabrics to your furniture and you will never want to leave your patio.

Make Your Own Curtains

To protect your privacy while spending time on the patio, you should set up a few flowing curtains around it. Using yards of colourful fabrics you can make your own curtains which will bring pattern and life to your patio. Except decor and privacy, these curtains offer to protect you and your family from the sun, making the atmosphere light and comfortable. To hang them, the only things you will need are some rings and clips, which make curtains even easier to remove and wash.

Stylish Rug

Rugs and carpets simply complete the space in each room, making it feel more like home. On your rather small patio, stylish rug with interesting patterns and shapes can help make patio seem bigger. Other than that, it keeps your feet warm and can even mark separate areas on the same patio. For example, you can set up a rug under the bench where you like relaxing with a book, thus separating this peaceful are from the table where you like enjoying an outdoor lunch. When it comes to materials, you should opt for an outdoor rug which is resistant to mould and water.

Pretty Flowers in Pretty Pots

Pretty flowers are perfect for decorating an outdoor room. Pot your favourite colourful flowers and arrange them on a baker’s rack for example. This way, they would be high enough to get enough sunlight and make a nice decoration for the whole wall. The pots you choose for plants should be bright and colourful, complementing the whole design of your patio. You can even decorate them yourself by painting various patterns and shapes, giving them character. If you have enough wall space, you can even make a small vertical garden inside your patio with spray painted cans with pretty flowers.

Colourful Furniture

Colourful furniture can make your small patio look bigger. None of the furniture you need on the patio should be big and bulky. Opt for a smaller table which pops with its colour, but will not overwhelm your patio with its size. Also, pick patio chairs that are big and comfortable enough for you to spend time in them, and maybe even repaint them into vivid colours, such as yellow or blue and refresh the whole exterior. Match colours and patterns of the rest of your patio furniture; try a mini bench which matches the table or the curtains. Be creative and bring colours of the summer into the whole design.

Set the Mood with Lights

You can transform your patio into an outdoor living room by adding some indoor objects, such as a nice decorative lamp. Table lamp will bring a homey feeling to your patio, and is perfect for enjoying dark evenings with your family. You can also hang a few lanterns and set up a nice romantic mood, creating a cosy atmosphere perfect for enjoying with your SO, or with your favourite book and a glass of wine.

Decorate Rocks

For some natural finishing touches, you can gather some rocks you find around your garden and decorate them however you like. Paint beautiful patterns on them, contrasting the colours of your patio and arrange those rocks on the table, inside the pots with plants or by the windows. These decorative details will bring character and spirit to your already perfect patio.

Decorating a small patio is a piece of cake. Be creative and find the right solutions for using this small space to its maximum. Use colours and patterns and simply enjoy your additional outdoor family room. You may also install Aluminum Deck Railing Systems to ensure your family’s safety while hanging out in your deck or patio.