People have always treasured their privacy, but today, the need for everyone keeping to themselves has grown significantly. Our homes give us the amount of privacy needed in order to function normally but, when it comes to the backyards, we already expect an unwanted glimpse or two, be it from passers-by or from your neighbors. You can easily turn your yard into a private oasis. If you already know how, what’s stopping you? If you don’t, then pay attention to the next nine steps.

Go with Plants

image-4 If you are looking for a subtle way to provide your yard with some privacy, a good idea is to fill your garden with plants. A hedge barrier, for example, is minimalistic enough to do the trick. If you are into something a bit more flamboyant, choosing a trellis or arbor might be a good idea. Climbing vines and grapevines also provide privacy, and a healthy, natural shade.

Artistic Decorative Panels

If you’ve decided to go with privacy screens, there is no reason for these to be boring. The more interesting your cover is – the better.

Arched Trellis

image-6Backyards within a city are a story of their own. If you live in the suburbs, you aren’t really worried about someone being able to see over your fence. However, if there is a building right next to your house, chances are that the apartment block inhabitants will be able to see you. Arched trellis are a great way to create some seclusion from the building(s) next to your house, yet still be able to see the sky from your garden and get some sunlight.


image-3Patios are a great idea for any type of backyard. You can put Wicker Tables and chairs to make it an outdoor living area. Although the patio is not so private itself, you can make it private by using mosquito nets. Furthermore, mosquito nets are subtle and actually do protect you from these nasty insects.


If mosquito nets are not doing the trick, or you don’t like this option, installing curtains is another alternative. Seeing as how these are adjustable, your backyard can be easily turned back into an open space, by simply rolling the curtains back.

Outdoor Fireplace

image-7You can also use some big object to provide you with privacy, and the best choice – if this is the case – is an outdoor fireplace. These are useful and very nice. Arborvitae trees are also a nice addition, and they go extremely well with the overall look.

Avoid Using Ordinary Materials

While regular materials are the easiest – and often the cheapest – way to go, brick walls and fences tend to look boring and tedious, and are quite obvious when it comes your privacy desires. Opting for bamboo, for example, is a subtle way to go and it will give you that popular ‘Asian feel’.

Do not Cross out the Typical Items

image-5Although, as was mentioned, going with ordinary brick or wood materials isn’t the best choice, this doesn’t mean that regular and neutral garden items, such as waterproof shade sails, won’t provide you with subtle privacy – in fact, these tend to evoke that easy-going feel. Do not be afraid to experiment with typical garden items!

Green Walls

image-2Going green is extremely popular nowadays and the walls are no exception here. Nothing goes better with a garden than decorative walls that are natural!

If you’ve made it this far in the text, chances are that you do care what your neighbors think of you. This means that building a brick wall is a definite no-go, but it also means that you’ll be able to benefit greatly from the outlined advice. Be subtle about your privacy, and don’t forget that everyone needs some of it.



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