Contemporary house styles usually demand special fittings, which means that purchasing windows of standard size and shape is a thing of the past. Compared to standard models, custom residential window installation can adapt to the needs of any business or residential space. Companies are now expanding their offer with a variety of styles, colour schemes and materials. You can choose from wood, aluminium, vinyl and fiberglass custom-made windows and select a treatment that doesn’t interfere with your initial selection.

Benefits overview

4657279698_a0540f8420_zFor starters, if you pick stock windows for your home, there’s a high probability that the piece won’t fit your opening perfectly upon installation. In that case, you will have to fill in the gap with moulding or sheet rock, then patch it and paint it over. Custom installation methods eliminate this tiresome and messy fitting procedure and provides maximum glass-panel area without affecting the unique layout of your house.

The installation process is a breeze, no matter if you’re handling it yourself (as an experienced DIY craftsman) or you’re hiring a team of professional installers who can provide high-quality replacement windows for your home. Custom-made windows are much easier and faster to prepare and install and require minimal material additions to tweak the tiny misalignments. This decidedly saves both your money and your time.

Green building and energy efficiency are major global topic today, and it’s no wonder manufacturers are taking these matters into account when designing their new models. Air distribution through poorly installed window sections is one the most common causes of heat loss in wintertime. Since custom panels are created to fit your opening perfectly, the chances of air leaking through the frame construction are minimised. This will cut down your heating bill.

When we’re shaping together our homely abode, we’re looking to invest in elements that will last for many more years. Custom-made windows such as fiberglass and wood, are characterised by exceptional sturdiness and low maintenance.

Lastly, custom models are unparalleled window structures when aesthetics is concerned. They allow you to retain or completely change the style/look of your residence when you replace the old panels. Companies offer endless custom options that can meet the demands of even the pickiest customers. For instance, vinyl models are superb addition to the modern houses and business premises, while custom wood windows are more appropriate for rustic homes.

Custom treatments

4656648603_051aaeb64f_zIf you want to add an extra layer of comfort and efficiency to your private home, a special window treatment that doesn’t interfere with the current setting is just the thing you need.

While many houses are equipped with basic treatment, opting for custom double glazing window installation ensures you have superior thermal insulation and noise reduction. These can help you achieve a highly sustainable environment with numerous benefits that go with it. The company’s team of experienced installers and estimators will cooperate with you closely to provide you with the most suitable option for your house. The service usually comes with a lengthy warranty (7+ years).

You can tweak the thickness of the protective film and pick a specific size for the air cavity, which will give your living environment unique thermal and acoustic conditions. Here’s an overview of other main advantages of this custom window treatment solution:

  • You can apply it to period and heritage homes that are under government protection and not disturb their signature stained, antique frames
  • You can make use of this treatment for the apartments and complete the installation without changing the building’s exterior look
  • You will boost the sustainability rating of the place you’re remodelling by not opting for total replacement of the frames
  • You can receive government incentive for your project and get a splendid thermal solution at a much lower price
  • Considering energy efficiency is all the rage in the real estate market, this treatment will make the property more valuable in case you decide to flip it later on
  • You can apply it to all sorts of glass panels such as skylights, doors, timber windows, sash windows, sliding doors and many others

As you had the chance to see, it definitely pays off to invest in custom-made window installation. Round it off with a custom window treatment of choice and create optimal aesthetic layout and energy-efficient conditions.


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