There are few pleasures in life as rewarding and enjoyable as dining outside in the cool serenity of your backyard. No matter if you have a backyard patio that boasts an outdoor dining area or you’re a restaurant owner looking to imbue your venue with timeless charm and functionality that will attract new customers, you want to bring a unique style and flair to your al fresco dining area people will love. Here are the essentials that complete every outdoor dining area in a perfect marriage of style and function. but before we go on, if you are looking to boost your restaurant, here you can read a blog with the Pros and Cons of buying second-hand furniture for your cafe.

Comfortable furniture

Chairs, tables, couches and other dining room necessities have several purposes: they need to be functional, comfortable, and they need to complement the outdoor ambiance with their style and colour.

Chairs come in a variety of styles and it is always a good idea to stick to natural wooden materials to create a harmonious synergy with the surrounding nature. Also, iron chairs crossed with wooden elements and completed with colourful cushions can provide comfort and functionality.

Choose the perfect colours

When it comes to styling your perfect al fresco dining ambiance, colour plays a pivotal role. While every outdoor ambiance can host a range of colour patterns, you want to choose the hues that speak to your own personality and portray the image you have envisioned for the dining area.

If you are looking for a Mediterranean seaside feel, aqua blue surrounded by white, yellow or orange accents is the way to go. On the other hand, if a retro woodland cabin is what you are after, you can easily portray an intimate, passionate setting with the use of red hues and dark greens complemented with orange candlelight ‒ the possibilities are endless.

Imbue the setting with nature

No outside dining area is complete without achieving a harmonious relationship with the surrounding nature. You can easily imbue the area with a natural essence by introducing potted plants and high-rise greenery. Additionally, rather than surrounding the dining area with traditional fences, you can opt for dense shrubbery or even better, a flower fence, letting various colourful flower types make their way in and round your wooden fence.

Be sure to surround the immediate dining area with accentuating flower types and put a colourful bouquet or even a single rose in a slim vase at the centre of the dining table as a finishing touch.

Provide ample sun protection

Al fresco dining is one of the most enjoyable dining experiences, no matter the time of the day, yet without adequate sun protection, your dining event can easily turn into an unpleasant experience. That is why using shade umbrellas is important for providing immediate sun protection, but also, for creating a fairy-tale-like setting in case of summer rains.

One of the best shade options is a marquee since it is sturdy and wide enough to provide ample protection for the entire dining area. The people behind Sydney Shade offer marquees and umbrellas in different types and colours, so you can easily find the perfect fit for your ambiance.

Introduce accentuating features

Finally, you want to complete your al fresco setting with accents of colour, greenery and flowers, and accessories such as lanterns and walkway lights. You can even put floor lighting around a small fountain near the dining area and make sure to hang warm glowing lanterns above and around the seating area for a complete, enchanting setting.

Be sure to use colours wisely, as mentioned earlier, and only complement your solid colour base with no more than two accentuating hues so as to maintain a balance with the surrounding nature. As a final touch, you can make a unique walkway by using garden stones that come in various shade patterns.

Dining in the fresh, open air is truly a unique, rewarding experience. Follow these simple steps and you will have no problems designing your very own dining oasis, imbued with peace, love and serenity.