If you have been living in a singular household for at least two decades, you are well aware of the fact that every area needs a “facelift” every now and then. Houses are not eternal and they consist of countless moving parts, so if you get a chance to overhaul your bathroom, you should definitely take a look at your piping. There’s a good chance it requires some improving. Here are plumbing considerations you should implement for your bathroom renovation.

Usefulness of a bigger drain size

Clogged drains are not an uncommon problem. While it is not necessarily true that exclusively small drains cause blockage, their narrowness surely contributes to how frequently the issue emerges. The unmentionable waste compiles in the opening, so it would be much more prudent to widen it up as soon as you get a chance to renovate your bathroom. However, this does not mean that you can forget about regular maintenance from then on. While you are redesigning your bathroom, add a small cabinet below the sink and keep all the necessary tools for unclogging and maintenance there, within arm’s reach.

Do you need to transfer any fixtures?

The relocation of plumbing fixtures is a regular part of renovations. Sometimes, one does it for convenience and in other occasions, it is simply a correction of a design that was done wrong the first time around. Of course, such transfers should be sorted out beforehand, and especially before professionals begin to tear down walls in order to reconfigure your plumbing grid. For example, a transfer of your toilet will be quite a hassle even with the tightest planning, so make sure you have rehashed details of the project with the retrofitters. It is not a simple matter of functionality – it has to be aligned with floor foundation and walls.

Upgrading plumbing fixtures

Updating your plumbing fixtures sounds like a natural step in bathroom remodel. It also falls into the “strictly plumbing” area of refurbishing, so you’ll want to look into this plumber servicing Perth who is well-versed in such undertakings. If you want to be stylish, you should consider the updated variants of faucets and showerheads which are the cutting-edge of design. With that in mind, there is a wide range of fixtures on the market that are as eco-friendly as they are well designed. Since “green thinking” is one of the lifestyle keywords of the 21st century, this is the most “modern” iteration of fixtures and appliances you can get. You can also call for a new toilet installation in Greer, SC or nearby areas. 

Are you going curb-less?

Some design trends can stay in vogue for an impressive amount of time, and minimalism is surely one of them. This beloved modern design has brought a number of small details into the spotlight, and one of them is definitely the seamless blending of showers into the rest of the bathroom space. In order to achieve this visual trickery, these showers are usually designed curbless. This, of course, needs to be installed properly, which requires the hands of expert shower remodelers. Simply speaking, the shower base needs to be sloped – this is the only way it works, otherwise, you’ll have regular bathroom flooding.

A matter of hiding your plumbing lines

Hiding your plumbing lines is predominantly a matter of design. Industrial design, as a true postmodern phenomenon, is all about stripping away pretense and showing the material for what it is. If you are to follow this trend, leaving your piping exposed can lend an interesting stylistic variation to your bathroom, however, if you are going for something cleaner, more subdued, then you’ll want to hide those lines. Hiding pipes shouldn’t be a problem – after all, it is usually considered to be a part of the “package” when you are signing the contract with the professionals. Just be sure you have made the best decision since additional alterations can be quite costly.

If you are keen on renovating your bathroom and you want to turn it into a chic nugget of rejuvenating heaven, add plumbing overhauls to the financial equation and get in touch with a plumber in escondido as soon as you begin the planning stage. This way, plumbing improvements and desired modifications will go hand-in-hand with the redesign, which puts you into a particularly neat spot – you will, as the proverb goes, kill two flies with one blow, save up time and reduce the chance of additional expenditure.