Mildew can look like such an innocuous hindrance. Yet, like all tell-tale signs of insidious household problems, it grows and affects various areas with a slow resolve that often catches you off guard. This is a moment when maintenance is not enough and costly repairs become the only solution. On the other hand, regular rinsing and cleaning of debris from your bathtubs and showers do not take up too much time and energy, and they can surely impact the longevity of your bathroom appliances and keep the money in your pocket. With that in mind, here are maintenance essentials for bathtubs and showers.

Mildew can stay invisible for long

The thin mildew coating that completely covers your bathtub or your shower may not be visible or truly detectable to the touch, but rest assured that it is present. It will lead to disrepair and create a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes unless you clean it at least once a month. In fact, it would probably be prudent to clean your bathtub or shower at least two times a month in order to stay on top of the issue.

If uncertain – go nonabrasive

Now, you might not know what sort of material was used to make your bathing basin, so the smartest bet is to look for nonabrasive cleaning liquid at the local store. You may ask the retailer to help you locate it, but you should also make sure that the liquid doesn’t contain acetate in any amount. It is quite safe to simply apply such liquid to the soft cloth or your designated cleaning mop and use it to clean the surface of the bathing area – though you should definitely use plastic gloves just in case. If you want to own a hot tub now that your know how to keep it clean, visit the hot tubs scotland online store.

Walls need to sustain moisture

Tiles and grout which usually ends up covered in water after a shower should be sealed at least once every six months so they may sustain moisture. Keep in mind that black mold can develop in such areas as well – especially on grout. By maintaining these wall areas, you will prevent moisture from seeping into the wall cavity through the finishes.

Have a professional on speed dial

Since bathroom malfunctions can surprise you anytime, you need to rely on your designated professional plumbers to address the issue as soon as it happens, before it causes irreparable damage to the household. This means that you need to seek out seasoned professionals, such as this plumber servicing Sydney – someone with an impeccable track record when it comes to 24-hour response time and versatility when faced with diverse plumbing problems. Professionals may also help conduct maintenance tasks such as Clogged Shower Drain Cleaning.

Inspect showerheads and faucets

If you want to avoid calling the professionals to the rescue altogether, you should ensure that the shower heads and faucets are also clear of mildew and other hard muck that tends to cover them over time. Many people have tendency to forget that these quite sophisticated items also require regular maintenance, so you might be forced to use abrasive cleaners in order to truly make them shine again.

The issue of doors and mold

As it has been mentioned, mold can become a chronic issue in bathroom areas, especially those that are regularly exposed to moisture, but you can prevent the mold from spreading by making sure that the bathroom is not hermetically sealed. Take the shower curtains down every now and then and hand-wash them. If you have a shower with a glass door that slides, check if it leaks water. Your drainage system – which is typically located within the track assembly – may not be working properly. You actually may fix this problem by drilling holes on the inside of the track, so the collected water can easily drain back into the shower basin.

Soap remnants, dirt and debris pile up in very specific areas in your bathroom and this is where you should direct your attention immediately after the activity (for the sake of the example – let’s say washing) is finished. This is the easiest time to clean because the debris has not hardened yet. The reason for this goes way beyond reasonable maintenance – it is also a matter of pure hygiene and aesthetic appeal. By maintaining your bathtubs and showers regularly, you are killing multiple birds with one stone.