If you’re moving into a new home with an elderly parent, it’s time to consider an elderly-friendly design that’ll help them get around more easily. The good news is that when it comes to interior design, nothing is set in stone. This means there are adjustments you can make to ensure your elderly parent’s new bedroom fits all their needs. And to help you figure out which changes need to be made, we came up with five bedroom design ideas for elderly people.

Choose the right location

If you live in an apartment, you may skip this step. However, if you live in a house, choosing the right location for your elderly parent’s bedroom is a must. Usually, elderly people have trouble going up and down the stairs, which is why you need to make sure their bedroom is on the ground floor. Alternatively, you can think about installing a chair lift that’ll help them get up the stairs. Still, putting their bedroom on the main floor seems like a much cheaper and easier option. Ideally, you’ll also be able to put them near the bathroom on your main floor.

Introduce a lot of artificial lighting

Another common issue elderly people face are vision problems. That’s why it’s very important that you include a lot of artificial lighting in their bedroom. The good news is, you can use bedside lamps and free-standing lamps to add some style to their bedroom. We also recommend installing a two-way switch so that they never have to operate in the dark. For maximum effect, you should install one of the switches next to their bed. If that’s not possible, ensuring there’s a bedside lamp for nightly bathroom trips is a good idea.

Opt for a large window

If your elderly parent opts for an individualised home care program, they’ll usually be accommodated in a room with a large window and there’s a good reason why. Elderly people enjoy panoramic views and the serene ambiance a large window can help create in the evening. With that said, including a large window in their bedroom is a real no-brainer. We should also note that if you decide to do this, they’ll receive more natural light during the day, and this will create a more open look for the room.

Use colours to create a warm environment

When designing a bedroom for an elderly person, it’s always a good idea to use colours to add a feeling of warmth to the space. Colours can have an impact on one’s mood and making sure your elderly parent is happy is a big plus. When designing a bedroom for an elderly person, colours such as red and pale pink are something you just can’t go wrong with. You can consider painting the room in one of these two colours or use it for bedding and decoration such as throw pillows and wall art. Throw pillows can increase comfort and help create a warm environment.

Add adequate equipment

Elderly people usually have more free time and they choose to spend it reading, watching TV or entertaining themselves in any other way. Therefore, getting a TV for their bedroom is recommended. To ensure there are no tripping hazards in the room, it’s best that you opt for a wall-mounted TV. Another thing you can do is add a nightstand they can keep their books and glasses on. If your elderly parent can’t move around on their own, bringing in a baby monitor can be helpful.

If designed right, your elderly parent’s bedroom can become a safe haven for them. Have these 5 ideas in mind and there’s no doubt you’ll design a bedroom that fits all of their needs.