Each of us has their own vision of how ‘a perfect home’ looks like. Some of us love minimalism and simplicity, others enjoy luxury, while there are also those who dream of decorating their home with innovative space-saving futuristic furniture. Still, when it comes to bedrooms, we all agree on the following: it should be comfortable and inviting. This is where you come to relax and catch some sleep after a long day, and it should be furnished to your liking.

The right bed

Depending on the available space and what you need, you can pick a queen or king size bed. Either is good for your bedroom, and you should only look for the design and style that will match the rest of the room. The frame of your bed should be sturdy enough to support the mattress and the weight of the people who will be sleeping on the bed.  If you’re a fan of a more traditional design, pick a four-poster frame, or look for a more modern design with a sleek platform. If you’re a fan of minimalistic design, you can keep the mattress on the floor, but it’s not very hygienic. Instead, you can make your own bed from pallets.


Drawers are magical and they will keep the clutter away. Before you set out to buy dressers, however, you should see their construction first. Drawers should be smooth, made of solid wood, and sealed or finished (that should discourage warping). Open the drawers and look at the corners – they should be square and secured with dovetail joints. If there are any screws or nails holding the drawer bottom you are looking at a low-quality piece which was likely repaired and won’t last long. The best solution is to pick the dresser that has drawers with a variety of depths so that you can store everything from socks and jewelry to jeans and sweaters. If you don’t want to buy a new dresser, you can paint your old one with chalkboard paint and write and draw all over it.

Lovely chairs

Not all bedrooms have enough space for a set of chairs, but if you can bring in at least one, it will transform the space entirely. You don’t have to bring in a full set of chairs together with the table, these are meant to be in the dining room, but a comfortable chair in the corner is a great choice. If you place a comfortable cushion or a throw pillow on it, it will be a perfect place for you to put down your bag or the clothes you want to wear the next day. Be careful, though, it’s easy to treat this chair as a mini-wardrobe, so try not to pile clothes on it.

Bedside tables

An old rule was that bedside tables should match the bed and the rest of the furniture in the room, but in the past couple of years mismatched bedside tables are a big hit. When they don’t blend in, they add interest to the bedroom, and make sure it looks ‘alive’ and not like something out of a boring catalogue. It doesn’t matter if you live alone, there should be a bedside table on both sides of the bed. That way your room looks symmetrical and the space is well balanced. Not to mention that this is a great place to keep things and display personal effects. Pick a bedside table that has a drawer or a shelf where you can keep your books, glasses, and remote control. Go to a furniture store, bring your tape measure, and buy one that fits your space.

The TV

There are conflicting opinions on whether or not a TV should be in the bedroom. Bedrooms are for sleeping and relaxing, and if you get distracted by movies or TV shows, you might not get enough sleep. Still, who doesn’t like to watch their favourite show while wrapped in a fuzzy blanket? Curling up in your PJs and watching a movie in bed is the best thing in the world! Display it discreetly and hide all the electrical cords from view. Hire professionals to take care of TV antenna installation, keep your remote close by, and it will look great.


A simple but effective way to make the room feel much cosier and more inviting, is to bring in soft rugs. You can add them alongside bedroom furniture, or place one under the end of the bed and let it extend into the room. This way, the space will be pulled together and balanced better. Your room should be quiet and peaceful, a safe haven from everyday stress. You want to feel calm when you get into your bedroom and fall asleep easier. You should avoid using dark colors or rugs with loud and bold patterns for a bedroom. Instead, you should opt for light colors which will make the place appear more zen. Stick to natural materials – cotton, silk, and wool are the best, and you will feel better when walking barefoot.

Not all of us are the same, and you should experiment with different styles in order to decorate your room just right. Just because the bedroom should be serene and peaceful, it doesn’t mean that it should be plain and boring. Every room in the house should be a reflection of who you are, and there should be details you genuinely love all around. Remember that after a while you will get bored with your bedroom, so try to keep an open mind and improvise with different pieces from time to time.