Regardless of how strong your illumination system is, there is simply no alternative to natural light. This phenomenon affects your productivity, influences your mindset and is in direct correlation with your physical health. Because of this, you need to find a way to enhance the influx of natural light into your home. To make things even better, practical advantages are not all that natural light brings. In this “new light” even your home’s aesthetics will improve. As a final touch, even your dark décor is no obstacle to doing so.

You Bought a Cave

image 1Even though this is not the case often, you may visit the house you intend to buy during the night. Your home will look great on this tour, but once you see it in the daylight, you may realize that what you have bought is nothing short of a cave. There’s a tree in front of every window and the windows themselves are not that big or well positioned. Fortunately, installing more, or larger, windows where the old ones have been, as well as adding tubular daylight devices in your hallway are always your options.


Minding the Location


image 2One of the reasons why some rooms are brighter or darker than others is their location in the house. Naturally, those rooms set on the south get the most light during the day, while those set on the north tend to get indirect illumination. As for the rooms on the east or west, their brightness greatly varies depending on the time of the day. Seeing how your northernmost room will be the freshest one as well, it might serve as a perfect spot for a living room and act as a perfect spot for your dark décor. The natural light in this room, however, will have to be enhanced.

It’s All about the Frame

The only way in which you can boost natural light in your home, while at the same time keeping its interior inventory on the darker side, is through minding the frame of both your doors and windows. As we have already mentioned, larger windows will dominate the room, which is why color, material and texture of their frame will play a crucial role. On the other hand, windows are not the only thing that you should treat in this manner. Getting bifold doors from a solid timber like cedar is bound to do a great deal of good for your home’s décor.

Enhancing the Light

LightEven without building any more windows, there are several ways in which you can make your room brighter. For example, removing any decorative pillars from your living room or replacing some similar obstacles will definitely help the overall flow of light. Additionally, you can also add some mirrors to the mix and in this way make the illumination in the room much stronger. In the same manner, some metallic colors like brass, copper and gold can both fit this dark theme of the room and enhance the light through reflection.


Accessories that don’t Affect Light


Finally, it’s all about details and different accessories react differently with your room. For example, adding a massive dark grey curtain to the mix, will make your room several times dimmer. Additionally, hanging a vintage clock on the wall or getting black and dark purple coffee mugs, won’t affect the stream of light at all. However, both of these things are dark décor accessories. Use this knowledge to your advantage and utilize it to get the best results.


Light is everywhere and all you need to do is set it free. By doing so, you will further highlight all the beauty of your home’s design, as well as transform it into a much more pleasant living environment. You just need to know how.