High-end technology is becoming a permanent component of our households and daily life. Objects that would have looked sci-fi to people just a few decades ago are now available to general public.

Touchscreen smartphone as we know it is less than 10 years old, yet we have grown accustomed (and addicted) to it so quickly, and the new generation of youngsters and businesspeople cannot imagine their life without it.

Brilliant young designers are constantly coming up with new concepts and prototypes that are just waiting around to corner to be presented and accepted by the world. We have picked a few of our favourite gadgets and appliances that are bound to enter our homes in the near future.

Sterile door handle

3640110857_db80356eba_zIf you ever felt squeamish about touching a door handle in a public place, this innovative addition provides a simple and effective solution to this problem. The frenzy about the recent H1N1 pandemics has made us fully aware of the germ-transmitting capacity of surfaces we touch every day and the importance of disease prevention.

A door handle with a self-sterilisation system doesn’t only get rid of the common bacteria, but it also eliminates serious viruses that are spread by hand contact. This mechanism relies on the works of in-built UV lamp that gets activated when the handle is not in use.

Floor plan light and tech system

Imagine entering your house or an apartment, and your floor plan switch allows you to adjust canopy LED ceiling lights, as well as the temperature and humidity of the room you’re heading to. The idea is to have master control over your AC device, stereo system and lights (or any chosen apparatus) at the press of a button.

You would be able to make a program that starts once you enter your home. What a welcome that would be! Still, leave it to pros to set up the wires and connect the devices to avoid malfunction of multiple devices at once.

Touch-sensitive refrigerator

After you achieve optimal conditions via your smart switch, you’d probably want to grab some food from the fridge and concoct a hearty meal. The touch sensitive refrigerators are equipped with biometric sensor placed on their handle that recognises a user, “tags” the food they have inserted and calculates a potential date of expiry.

You can see the information projected on each food tray when you open the fridge. Also, you can adjust the temperature of separate refrigerator compartments.

Home Theater

A quality home theater is among the most prominent features of a truly contemporary home. These systems are designed to perform a myriad of functions in a simple and intuitive way. With an eye-catching aesthetics and custom designs, users can enjoy a full theater experience in the comfort of their homes.

Eco dishwasher

Hardly anyone likes to do the dishes, and that’s why a dishwasher is an absolute staple for homes of today and tomorrow. However, most current models are not very energy and resource efficient, even if we wait for the washer to get full before we initiate the cycle. On top of it, the standard cleaning agents are chemical-packed and require a lot of rinsing.

A capsule-shaped eco cleaner makes use of the ultrasonic waves to make plates squeaky clean by ionising the present food particles. The by-product is an organic compost you can utilise for your house plants’ soil.

Green player

27378182510_8bbe3e9054_zOne of the leading tech companies has presented a mini media player that runs on solar power. The gimmick is fitted with backside photovoltaic cells that harvest sun’s clean and free energy that power it up. All it takes is to stick one of these tablet-like devices on a strategic window spot and enjoy the jamming. Alternatively, you can use it for your shed, cottage in the woods or any other place that doesn’t have electricity.

Cool lamp selection

I just couldn’t decide on one smart, futuristic lamp so I picked two of my favourite models. The so-called lung lamp analyses air quality in your room, sends warnings about potential health issues and offers suggestions via an internet-connected dock.

Last but not least, the WAT(er) lamp is a model that uses water as fuel to generate light. The hydroelectric battery interacts with water which results in electrochemical reaction and lighting up.

The future is here and it has the coolest devices. The advanced gadgets and appliances have never been smarter and more sustainable, and this is our pick of the promising models.


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