Home styling is an essential part of the staging process, and in recent decades it has become a true art form in its own right. Used to bring a vibrant, inspiring living environment to life and thus elevate the selling point for the entire property, home styling can mean the difference between selling to the highest bidder and having no one to bid for it in the first place. With that in mind, here are the five contemporary home styling ideas you want to use to pave the road to a sale of a lifetime.

Rejuvenate the exterior

The majority of homeowners focus solely on styling the interior of their homes without realising that the exterior will be the first thing that potential homebuyers will come into contact with. This first contact will define their entire decision-making process, either inviting them to venture inside, or turn on their heels and walk away.

You can start by tidying up the curb appeal, making sure that trashcans are visible and that the sidewalk leading to the property is clean and free of all surface damage. Next, meticulous landscaping will be essential, so tend to proper lawn care and gardening, fix and repaint the fence, and consider if the facade could use a fresh coat of paint as well. You may also consider a driveway makeover by having an asphalt paving project with the help of an asphalt paving contractor. In addition, you may start a concrete restoration project if your concrete walkway or sidewalk has seen better days. As an added touch, decorate the walkway to the front door with lights, flowers, and stepping-stones.

Set a motif for the interior

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners and realtors make when styling the interior is that they don’t see the whole picture, but rather take a room-by-room approach to the problem of decorating. Following this type of mind-set will result in a messy, confusing environment with nothing to hold it together, no underlying tone to welcome the first-time visitor, and inspire them to envision their future there.

To prevent this, consider setting a theme for the entire household, and then decorate accordingly. You can start by deciding on a design approach – maximalism, minimalism, semi-minimalism, retro, industrial, shabby-chic, modern, futuristic – there are numerous design ideas to choose from. Setting a theme will allow you to pick all the right colours and decor pieces for every room without breaking the synergy between spaces.

Create striking focal points

The key to a successful home styling project lies in grabbing the attention of the observer from the get-go, and evoking certain emotions with striking focal points in every room that will inspire them to fall in love with the place. For instance, these recent samples of property styling in Sydney underline the importance of emotional triggers in interior design, and how focal points can emphasize the strengths of every room while downsizing the faults and weaknesses.

To that end, consider welcoming the guests into a warm living room where they can spend countless evenings watching movies together, or help them imagine their mornings together around the kitchen island. While you’re at it, don’t forget to decorate the kids’ rooms as well for a finishing touch.

Introduce symmetry and flexibility

Too much decor is not a problem when everything has its place. That said, the interior should emphasise flexibility and manoeuvrability throughout, which means that it should be free of any clutter. Likewise, allow the guests to gravitate naturally towards the focal points by introducing symmetry in every room. Remember, the human eye loves symmetry, as this simple design trick has the power to inspire the observer to fall in love with the interior.

Let light and nature permeate the setting

Lastly, make sure there is plenty of natural light in every room. The guests will appreciate the warm honey hues gracing the furniture and the amenities, bringing in a dash of positivity and vibrancy to the entire theme. Likewise, don’t forget to complement every room with potted plants and strategic flower arrangements to frame the design and create that “natural oasis” vibe that will calm the senses and evoke positive emotions.

Home styling is a nuanced art form that requires proper planning and preparation. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a fun and rewarding process, so be sure these design ideas make it into your styling book and help you stage a property for a sale of a lifetime.


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