4724527664_1502f08644_zTrends change. With each year comes a variety of interior and exterior design innovations. However, one thing that we could say that they have in common is the unconventionality. Related to the continuously growing environmental awareness, blending of the exterior and interior design seems to be one of the latest trends. Interior designers have started introducing elements that were reserved for exterior only, trying to recreate the feel of nature, but on the inside. This is what they suggest doing if you want to create a garden feel in your living room.


A perfect way to green your living room is to add dried moss. It does not require watering, thus it is easy to maintain. You can place it beneath the glass of your coffee table or cover an entire wall in dried moss. Organic moss carpets are one of the latest modern creations that you can add to your living room. They are made by pairing moss and plant-derived plastic, allowing the integration of natural elements into peoples’ homes.


Some may find organic moss carpets too organic for keeping it indoors. Instead of that, you can opt for a simple nature-themed carpet. Find a grass-like carpet, or carpet with the motives of trees, flowers, branches and leaves woven into it. Finally, an earthly colored carpet will also function and it is a more subtle alternative.


When choosing furniture, functionality is the number one thing to take into consideration. There are various kinds of indoor/outdoor furniture such as wrought iron, aluminum, and wicker furniture. Decorative elements can be added or removed easily, but as for furniture, special attention should be paid to matching the furniture to the rest of the room. In a recent chat with the guys behind Robert Plumb Company, I learned that the best and safest option for any design newbie is designer timber furniture. It is elegant and can complement other living room elements with no trouble.


decorateIt is the most obvious way of adding up to that natural and garden feel of your living room. Plants are usually placed in corners of the room, by the windows, fireplace or furniture. Leafy plants such as Chinese evergreen, Dracanea, Dieffenbachia, Croton, Schefflera and Weeping fig are great choices for indoor plants. If you have enough time and money, you can buy a mini indoor garden, or even place a big glass aquarium and cultivate plant life in it.

Lighting Fixtures

There are two options you can choose from when it comes to lighting fixtures. You can stay with the indoor ones or try to mount an outdoor lighting fixture and implement it into the overall design. The best choices for bringing the beauty of nature indoors are an iron outdoor flush mounts, wall scones adorned with beads, hanging lanterns, lotus flower chandeliers, pebble table lamps, or branch-like wrought iron pendants.

Decorative Elements

Smaller decorative elements are great because they can be changed from time to time to break the monotony, and also add interesting details to the garden-like interior design. For example, try hanging recycled wine bottles as alternatives to flower pots. Include simple decorations like tree trunk coasters, tree bookends and woods wallpapers. Fill a colored transparent vase with river rocks or hang a twisty branch as interesting wall art.

These are some basic tips and tricks for creating a garden atmosphere in your living room. We also encourage you to try out your own ideas and create a unique and eclectic natural design. However, the thing with any kind of eclectic design is that you should pay much attention to balancing out all the elements. Be sure to know when to stop and not just clutter up the living room with various decorations that do not function as a comprehensive whole.