You can make a strong statement about your home with just a simple front door design. This is why you shouldn’t neglect this detail. Curb appeal is imperative if you want everyone to see just how amazing your home looks. You can enhance your home’s curb appeal by having a new gutter installation, fixing the roof leaks with polyurethane spray foam, updated landscape, or exterior lighting system. But decorating your front door is one of the best improvement you can make to enhance your curb appeal. Make sure to choose a decorative idea which will suit the overall feel and outdoor design.

Use Empty Picture Frames

In order to give your door a unique look, be sure to try hanging a wooden picture frame. Not only will it look like your guests are looking at a picture, but it will be easy and cheap to make. Depending on the holiday or the season, you can insert pictures to keep everything festive. Also, you can attach easy-to- make crafts you made at home, to spruce up the frame and to make it seem like your home is part of a marvelous painting.

Show Off Your Garden

If you have a garden with plenty of flowers, then it’s time to show your guests your hard work. Hang a basket full of freshly cut flowers and give your front door a complete makeover. Choose only flowers which can last a bit longer when cut, and which smell nice, of course. Moreover, you can improve your design by adding small water containers to ensure that your flowers will last longer.

Sign Your Door

Personalize your door by hanging simple monogram décor. Fashion the initial letter of your name to let people know they are at the right destination. You can make use of seasonal natural elements, to set a joyful mood, and to make your design eco-friendly. The good thing is that you can take existing designs and give them a personal twist in order to make something truly unique.

Play Around With Lights

Adding a couple of solar-powered lights can help not only see in the dark but, to set up a quirky design that will make your front door stand out. Also, if you use different colored lights, you can play around and make a pattern that best represents your overall outdoor landscape. Be sure to invite friends over at night, to give them a beautiful view they didn’t expect before they come in.

Modernize Your Doors

Even though most of the people will enjoy a rustic feel to your overall design, it’s best to keep contemporary ideas in mind as well. Victorian doors are available in a variety of variations, allowing you to achieve a traditional look while relying on modern manufacturing standards. Upgrading your locks and torsion spring can also be a good step if you want more security, and it can also help give your front entrance a modern look. It’s best to choose electric locking mechanism, for maximum safety. Locksmiths of Chatswood suggest that you go with a combination of an electric and mechanical lock, to ensure that you don’t lock yourself out even if the power is out.

Give Your Door a Repaint

Maybe it is time to change your door and upgrade your initial curb appeal, however, you might only need to change one small thing. Repainting your door could help breathe new life into it and give it a new look. Nevertheless, choose a finish which will resist the elements, to ensure that your front entrance will be appealing.

Decorating your front door can be done in a multitude of ways, and unless you are sure what you want, it is best to keep on thinking. After all, you want a pleasant welcome home, and an inviting setting for guests to see when they come over. Be careful not to go overboard as it can easily disrupt the general feel and charm of your home and design.