With so many people doing remote jobs, freelancing, or simply continuing to work even after the clock strikes five and they leave their office, home offices became a must-have room in every home. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t even have to be a whole room – there’s always a nifty corner you can turn into your hard-working oasis. That being said, home office design should go beyond a desk and a chair – you’ll want to create a space that both fits into your home design and boosts your productivity, so here are some of the freshest home office design solutions.

Rethink your office desk

Long gone are the times when the only options for a workstation were dull metal or wooden desks – now you can choose among so many varieties and find a desk that suits your exact needs. Your home office desk should fit your space, so if you’re not really swimming in square footage, opt for a corner desk with integrated drawers and polymer shelving system.

However, having a desk that meets your productivity and comfort levels is far more important. It goes without saying that too much sitting is bad for your back and overall health, but now you can equip your home office with an adjustable height desk or even a treadmill workstation and be without fear that your spine is going to suffer because of your working habits. Add an ergonomically designed chair to the equation – your back will be grateful.

Implement technology

Whether you like to admit it or not – the future is here and technology became a staple in office design, regardless of your work field. That’s why workspaces that integrate technology are a major trend right now. Interior designers recently took it to another level and came up with office furniture that has built-in power adapters and even wireless charging options.

You can implement some of these things into your home office as well in order to create a tech-savvy space where you’ll actually want to work. Besides the basic stuff, such as a laptop, scanner, and printer, you can equip your office with nifty gadgets, like a smartphone sanitizer, self-watering flower plants, spill-proof cup holders, and much more.

Let nature in

Natural elements have been a big hit in interior design for the last few years. When choosing furniture for your home office, think natural materials such as wood and stone, but you can go beyond this and let Mother Nature be your co-worker. It’s important to give yourself a view, so position your desk near a window and let your eyes rest by looking at the sight every half an hour or so.

Natural light will do you good, too, since it can boost productivity and help you stay awake. Accessorize with a few pretty-looking indoor plants and you’ll get that contemporary office interior design you always wanted. Besides, you can always hire pros to do the job if you don’t consider yourself much of an interior design expert.

Install a kitchenette

One of the perks of working from home is having access to your own kitchen and enjoying a fresh meal whenever you want. However, stopping the work, going to the kitchen, and bumping into your household members can be distracting and waste your precious time. Instead, you can install a mini kitchen in your home office and thus minimize the possibility of distractions. Supply your kitchenette with snacks and drinks, and don’t forget to include a coffee or tea making station. A mini fridge, coffee maker, and a few cups might be all you need to set up a wonderful beverage bar in your home office.

Eventually, the best thing about organizing your home office is having the possibility of getting everything just the way you always wanted. Commercial office spaces are all about functionality, but your home office should go beyond this. Besides functionality, a good home office should be aesthetically pleasing, so go ahead and try some of the design solutions listed above.