Garages seem to follow the new trend of building bigger and bigger homes in order to accommodate more vehicles. Apart from protecting our cars, garages today have a whole array of storage uses, all of which influence the garage design today. If you’re a car lover who believes that a garage should be more than just walls and a roof the hold the whole thing together, here are some considerations.

Attached vs. detached structure

These days it’s hard to find a new housing development that doesn’t have garages attached to the houses. Although attached garages have many advantages, especially in winter when a shared wall with the house keeps the temperature higher, they also somewhat limit the design options of the whole house. If you plan to build steel garages, you might want to check out this great article on benefits of having a detached structure on your lot.

Holding more cars

In the 1970, about 18% of new homes in the U.S. had a garage designed to accommodate one car only, while 40% of them could house two or more cars. By the mid-2000s, the figures look like this: 63% of homes had two-car garages, 19% had garages for three or more cars, and only 7% had a one-car garage. It’s evident that the two-car garage has become the bare minimum, and with the trend of bigger cars such as SUV-s, minivans and large utes, three- and four- car garages are relatively common even in high-end developments, if you are missing a van for your collection, visit this website  and find just the one you need. Also, many a realtor will tell you that a more spacious garage is a big selling point.

Improved looks

Instead of using corrugated sheets, think about giving your garage a wooden siding, or any other house-like façade. Also, make sure the windows, entry doors and trim match with those on the house. A garage of a true car lover looks spotless, just as the rides housed inside. And when it comes to protecting the cars from the elements, having a garage doesn’t mean you should skip on protective waxing ad polishing, especially if you park your car in the city every day. For instance, these Sydney-based car detailing experts use GYEON quartz protection coatings, which are the most advanced paint protection system available today. You may also need to hire a garage door opener repair technician to regularly inspect and/or repair your residential garage door and make sure your cars and home are secure.

Living space above

One of disadvantages of an attached garage is that is might be challenging to add a living space above, without it becoming too dominant. The combined wall heights of the garage and the upper floor may result in the roofline that matches or even surpasses the one of the house. While a living space is just a recommendation, you can use the floor above for other purposes, as well, such as the entertainment room, home office, workshop, etc. Just keep in mind that whatever purpose you choose, you’ll do it much easier with a detached garage.

Add a staircase

If you decide to add the upper level, you’ll have to reach it through an outside or inside staircase. If you put it inside the garage, place it on the far end and create a work or storage area underneath. On the other hand, if you plan to park your cars one behind another, then a side staircase with a balancing storage area on the other side makes more sense. Check with your local building inspector, but if you decide to keep the upper floor as a living area or a rental, you’ll probably have to have outdoor stairs as a fire egress.

While a typical garage is a fairly simple and inexpensive structure, homeowners often keep the costs to a bare minimum, which results in a product with features and finishes much inferior to those of a home. If you’re a true car enthusiast, you definitely need something more than a stock garage design.