A modern design can take many different forms, from a rustic cabin ambiance to a sleek, minimalist approach. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the term contemporary stands for. However, one thing is certain ‒ modern design solutions go hand in hand with functionality. Whether you’re introducing a few contemporary solutions for a more aesthetically pleasing kitchen or you’re trying to free up some much-needed space, there is a myriad of beautiful and practical designs you can choose from.

Here is how to bring functionality and aesthetics closer together in your kitchen.

New and functional countertops

Countertops can be made of many different materials, and they are usually sturdy enough to last a few years before they start to crack and loosen up. The most popular countertop materials are marble, granite and laminate, and they have been in use for decades as a solid choice for both durability and longevity. However, these materials are more functional in different areas of the house rather than the kitchen, and a modern solution for homeowners looking for long-lasting durability without the risk of fracture and damage lies in new quartz countertops.

Essentially, quartz countertops have the same aesthetic appeal as granite materials, only they are far more durable. This is a practical solution for easy navigation around the kitchen without having to worry about damaging the material with hot kitchenware or heavy objects.

Modern cabinet styles

You can modernize and revive the stylish appeal your kitchen once had by simply changing up or updating your kitchen cabinets. Cabinets are prone to wear and tear over time, and they can significantly affect the look of the entire room if not cared for properly. The simplest solution would be to replace old cabinets with new ones in a warm, accentuating color that brightens up the entire room. You can choose between the ones with sliding doors and added compartments or the ones without doors at all.

If you don’t feel like investing in new kitchen cabinets, you can repaint the old ones, fix the hinges and add DIY solutions such as added storage compartments and knitted baskets. For an added personal touch, mount jar lids at the bottom of the cabinet where you can keep spices, pasta and various other ingredients.

Exciting elements

A modern design is all about de-cluttering your life and presenting a clean, sleek look. One way to rid yourself of unnecessary kitchenware is to donate or throw it away, and another is to update your kitchen elements and introduce new storage solutions.

Luckily, these contemporary, popular kitchen layouts are all about functionality, and you have plenty of beautiful options to choose from such as sliding shelves, hidden compartments, and stylish knitted baskets, which you can place on top of your cabinets and appliances.

Exciting and modern backsplashes

A fun backsplash design is the focal point of a contemporary kitchen. Backsplashes are not only practical as they protect the walls from spills and damage, but are also a perfect stylish addition to any kitchen, making it unique and adding a dash of personality to the ambiance.

Backsplash designs come in many forms, and you can let your imagination run wild with sleek glass patterns, ceramic mosaics portraying your favorite stories and even various metallic tile designs with accentuated etchings.

Contemporary hardware

From countertop and cabinet redesigns, all the way to the finest details, the contemporary kitchen comes to life when designed with simplicity in mind and accentuated with a unique personality. And your personality can be reflected through details. To match your kitchen’s newly found, modern appearance, you need to change up your old, worn out knobs with new and exciting ideas.

Depending on your personal taste, you can go with traditional drawer pulls or sleek hidden ones, experimenting with a wide array of different color patterns and using eclectic materials such as beaded or mosaic knobs and pulls. If you feel like a futuristic approach is better suited for your kitchen, then a push-open system for your drawers and cabinets is the way to go.

With such a wide range of stylish designs, the modern kitchen allows you to be creative and bring your unique flare into the room, without sacrificing functionality and valuable space. Hopefully, these contemporary ideas have inspired you to remodel your old kitchen or build yourself a brand-new one you’ve always dreamed of!