DIY is a great hobby: it’s fun, it gives you a sense of usefulness, and in the end, you are left with the fruits of your labor. Whether you are an experienced carpenter or just a beginner, don’t be afraid to tackle our wooden bar project! After all, a bar in your home will add instant cool points to your space. Here are the simple steps to your new wooden bar.

The Necessary Tools

Here are the tools you will need for this project. Some of them you probably already have, some you might not. If this is your first big project, borrowing or renting the missing tools might be a good idea.

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Table saw
  • Compound miter saw
  • Impact driver screw gun
  • 2-foot level

List of Materials

If necessary, adapt the measurements to fit your space.

  • 3” exterior screws
  • 1” finish nails
  • 6 16” 2x4s
  • a 4’x8′ sheet of medium density fiber board for the bar top
  • 1 4’x8′ piece of wood or paneling (for the front)
  • 1-1/2” trim
  • Concrete anchors

Step by Step Instructions

Choose the position of your bar and its orientation. Bear in mind that you need to have enough space to comfortably fit in bar stools as well. Use a miter saw to cut two 7′ pieces of the 2×4 for the bottom and top plates.

Marking Is Essential

Using a pencil, mark the bottom and top plates in the exact same spots, every 16 inches. This is where your studs will go. The optimal bar height is 4 feet. Cut the studs to 44 inches. You will need one stud for every marking you made on the top and bottom plates. Line up the studs to the lines you made to mark their position, and screw them to the top and bottom plates.

Make It Straight

Erect your frame, line it up with the wall, making sure it fits perfectly. Use a level to check whether your bar frame is straight, then secure the frame by driving a few screws through your end stud and into the wall. Use concrete anchors to secure your frame to the floor.

Put It Together

Cut six 10” 2×4 pieces for shelving and added support. These can be added at your preferred height. Cut 6 studs at your preferred length (how high you want the shelves to be, minus the thickness of the top and bottom plates). Your goal is to create 3 rectangular shelves. Assemble each by screwing together a top and bottom plate with two studs. When finished, attach the shelves to the studs of your frame.

Deal with the Stability

To add stability to your bar top, cut a 21” piece of 2×4 for each stud of your frame. Choose the desired length of overhang in the front and in the back, then screw these stabilizers securely to the top plate of the frame.

Add the Bar Top

Our next step is to add the bar top. Using a table saw, cut your MDF board to the length of your frame, and the width of your stabilizers. Fasten by driving screws up through the stabilizers and into the board – not all the way through, though. You don’t want screws poking through your bar top. Cut the trim to the length of your bar top, position it in line with the top of the MDF board, and secure using finish nails.

Measure the dimensions of the front of your bar, and cut your wood or paneling to these dimensions. Use finish nails to fasten the cut board to the studs of the frame.

There you go! With just a little effort and with next to no money, you can make a great centerpiece for your home. Transform your space into a cool man cave, it’s worth it!