Easy Tips for Choosing Your Exterior Paint Palette

Moving into a new home is always exciting. Still, there are many things you will have to do and choosing a paint color for the exterior of your new home is one of them. There is much more to it than simply opting for a color you like and you have to take this task very seriously. This is the case because the color of your house does not only affect you but the whole street as well. In addition to this, there are many factors such as landscaping and roofing that determine which color will look great on your home. Here are 4 tips that are going to make choosing the right color palette much easier for you.

Think About What You Cannot Change

There is no point in choosing the exterior paint color according to the color of your front door since you can have them repainted whenever you want to. Instead, what you should take into consideration when choosing your paint color are things you cannot change. We are talking about your neighbors’ homes, stonework, driveways and pathways. It is always a good idea to opt for a color that will go well with these and therefore harmonize with the rest of the street. Achieving perfect harmony is not only going to make your house look better, but it will improve the look of the entire street as well.

Consider Your Home’s Architectural Style

Another thing to have in mind when choosing the color palette for the exterior of your home is its architectural style. So if your home has been built in Queen Anne Victorian or midcentury modern ranch style, your paint should be chosen accordingly. If you don’t know much about architecture, you can always talk to local paint manufacturers. In most of the cases, they will know which paint corresponds with which architectural style. This means they will be able to help you choose a color that will fit your home perfectly.

Decide Which Visual Effects You Want

When choosing the right paint palette for your exterior home painting, you should also decide on the visual effects you want. You can do this by taking a look at your home’s relationship with the rest of the street and its landscape. Does it stand out from the rest of the buildings in the street or it is a part of a large cluster of houses in it? Depending on this, you should decide whether you want lighter or darker tone for your paint. If you want your home to stand out from the rest of the houses in the street, you should go for some light colors. On the other hand, darker colors will make your home less noticeable.

Never Rely Only on Paint Chips

Paint chips surely are a great way to see how a paint looks like outside the can. Still, what you get to see on a paint chip may not always be what you are going to end up with once you paint your home. So if you want to make sure the concrete paint you have opted for is the right one, you should always test it first. This means you should buy a single can of the paint you like and paint an inconspicuous area of your home. Just bear in mind that you should study the paint at different time during the day and under different weather conditions. Only once you are sure that is the color you want, should you actually buy enough for painting your entire home.

Have all of these things in mind and you are guaranteed to come up with just a perfect paint palette for your home. Just don’t make any rush decisions and think through each color you might have in mind.