All-wood or all-metal décor can become quite monotonous. That is why you should let your creativity off the leash. Experiment with furniture finishes by mixing wood and metal to elevate the look of your home and give it a sophisticated appearance.

The combination of wood and metal finishes can seem odd at first, but if you mix them properly, you will achieve a unique design effect that will never become boring. There are a few tricks to get this done so keep on reading to find out about them.

Lighting Fixtures

One of the simplest ways to achieve contrast is by juxtaposing your dark wooden pieces with lighting fixtures. Various lamps, chandeliers and candle holders always provide a nice contrast no matter what their color or material is. However, if you decide to choose metal lighting fixtures, such as silver, copper or bronze, your home will get a new shine.

Replace your plastic ordinary lamps with ones that have a metal finish and give your living room or home office a polished look. Also, metal chandeliers and candelabras in your living room and dining room will breathe in an agreeable atmosphere and add a touch of luxury to your rooms, while being a perfect match to your hardwood flooring, tables, and dressers.

Dressers and Cabinets

Dressers and cabinets are massive pieces and they should be wooden. However, such traditional look can easily be fixed. To include more metal pieces to your interior design, you should focus on hardware, especially the handles and knobs. You can easily make a trip to your local store and pick new shiny hardware or rely on quality metal paint finishes to give your dresser and cabinet a new shiny look.

Another solution can be repainting the surface of your dresser or the edges of your cabinets with a metal paint color. No matter what your choice is, you will provide a fancy new contrast to the traditional wooden look and breathe in new vibe into the whole interior design.


When it comes to tables, we often tend to pick the wooden ones. They are not only durable, but also more elegant, nicely complementing the whole design together. However, you can shift things up a bit and choose smaller tables with metal finishes. Add such coffee tables into your living room or dining room or simply pick ones that have legs with metal finishes. Another possibility is providing contrast with chairs in practically the same manner.

Wall Art

Many of us opt for wooden frames for our photos and paintings. However, if your furniture is wooden too, you will need something to shake things up a little bit. That is why you should turn to metal frames in order to elevate the design and provide different dynamics. Also, you don’t have to stick to silver-like frames; instead, you can incorporate some copper or gold-like frames to introduce more edgy and contemporary tones to the overall design. Plus, warm colors of copper and gold go hand in hand with warm tones of any type of dark wood.


If you don’t want to go big when it comes to mixing wood and metal finishes, you can simply pay attention to details. Contrast the wood finishes with accessories coated in metal. Invest in small copper or bronze figurines, picture frames, and lamps. Also, you can place a copper or bronze vase to create beautiful centerpieces for your dining table or put metal dishes on display and show them off on your dining room or kitchen shelves.

This seemingly unusual combination is one of the biggest trends this year. You can easily warm up a metal-based design by incorporating wood finishes and contrast the cozy wood design with a few metal pieces. Don’t hesitate to try this combination out because you won’t be disappointed.