Bored of the old carpet or wood flooring choices for your high traffic area?  Epoxy flooring is a new option you can consider if you are looking for a durable, easy to maintain floor that has a unique customizable look.  Epoxy floors are usually “installed” by professional commercial painters.  However, they aren’t so much installed as painted, as you will come to learn.  Epoxy flooring has been used in industrial spaces for quite some time now and are just starting to branch out into residential garages, and high traffic commercial areas that also want an attractive look that lasts.  Those who want durable and attractive flooring will be especially interested in residential epoxy garage floors.

What is epoxy flooring?

Simply put epoxy flooring is a floor with at least two millimeters of epoxy, which is a mix of resin and hardeners.  It’s a special coating made with these two ingredients that make a hard plastic-like surface that is so strong that industrial warehouses use it.  There are typically at least three layers of epoxy in an epoxy floor.

There is also the option of getting an epoxy floor coating, which is different from epoxy flooring only in the thickness.  Epoxy floor coatings are less than two millimeters.  Epoxy flooring can come in non-slip, decorative, lithium silicate densifier blends and more.

When to use it?


In most homes the garage is the one place in the house that is concrete.  The garage is also the area that is most industrial like which makes it a perfect place to try out epoxy flooring. A garage epoxy flooring is durable and can better withstand wet car tires and dragging heavy items than a regular painted floor.

Get Creative

High end lobbies, hospitals, schools and other non “industrial” spaces can benefit from the durability and flexibility of epoxy floors.  Epoxy floors only require an adhesive surface to go on which means that as long as it is not carpet; you can bring out the shine in your floor if you want to.  An epoxy floor on marble is especially beautiful.  An epoxy flooring or epoxy coating will save your beautiful ceramic floors from chipping, is an easy surface to clean and lasts for many years.

If you are in the market for a tough but attractive floor covering that lasts, take a serious look at epoxy flooring.