Choosing the right equipment for your pool is important for creating a compliant, safe, and efficient swimming pool your entire family can enjoy. Swimming pools are slowly becoming a standard in the modern society as summers are becoming hotter and longer, and people are in need of a fun and cool pastime.

However, much like you’re prepared to invest in the perfect pool that’ll fit your needs, you need to be prepared to invest in top quality equipment as well, as the quality and operation of your new facility, as well as your comfort, depends on it. If any of your pool equipment needs repair, you may look for a local pool equipment repair company.

Here is the essential equipment no pool should be without.

Swimming pool hydraulics

When installing the hydraulic circuit, you need to think ahead, as hoses and valves need to be configured and dimensioned properly from the start. Subsequent work will require substantial financial investments, so it is best to proceed with construction only after you have included all additional equipment you might need in the future. This will make the cost of any upgrades negligible, as opposed to if you were to construct the pool first.

For instance, you can install a high-capacity electrical box to accommodate any future upgrades, such as a heat pump, which requires you to install a bypass when you begin the construction process; installing a bypass afterwards would be a costly project, as would be the installation of a more powerful electrical box.


Lighting in and around the pool area is essential for creating an enchanting setting, but more importantly, for creating a safe swimming environment. Whether you have an in-ground pool or an above ground unit, it is important to introduce LED lighting around the edges as well as inside the pool. What’s more, multi-coloured LED lights can be used to set the mood and portray just the right kind of ambience for intimate night swims or pool parties ‒ the possibilities are numerous.

Pumps and filters

The perfect pump and filter compatibility is important for ensuring your facility runs smoothly, doesn’t waste energy or water and lasts for a while. The pump and filter pair will be tasked with proper water circulation and filtration, and is, therefore, one of the key elements. Your contractor will calculate the size, capacity and general type of the pump and the filter when designing your pool, taking into account the volume of water in the unit.

Pool cleaners

You want your pool to radiate cleanliness and hygiene at all times, as a messy pool can dissuade any avid swimmer from venturing inside. Fortunately, essential swimming pool supplies are affordable and can be used easily, no matter whether you buy an automatic or a manual cleaner.

You should give your swimming pool a thorough scrubbing once a week. However, the chore can become tedious over time, so an automatic cleaner might be a more prudent option‒ just bear in mind that automatic cleaners will cost you several hundred dollars more.

Water treatment

Water treatment is also essential for creating an enjoyable, clean and hygienic swimming pool. There are two key benefits of water treatment ‒ chemical balance, and bacteria treatment. You need to monitor and maintain the chemical balance in the water by assessing total hardness, alkalinity, and pH levels. By maintaining healthy chemical ratios, you will create a safe swimming environment and avoid corrosion, scaling, green water or biofilm formation.

Bacteria treatment is used to eliminate hazardous viruses and bacteria from the water and ensure the health and safety of you and your family. You can use various methods to treat the water, such as using a chlorinator and electrolyser, and injecting active oxygen or liquid chlorine.

Building and maintaining a safe and healthy swimming environment should be a fun and rewarding task rather than a cumbersome chore. Be sure to keep these essential tips in mind and you will have no problem creating the perfect swimming pool your family will enjoy for decades to come.