Oftentimes, people simply either forget or they’re not quite aware of just how big of a difference a rug can make in a room. That’s why so many of them make a mistake when choosing the right rug for their interiors and they, of course, end up feeling dissatisfied.

The truth is that a carefully selected rug actually makes all the difference. However, you will certainly need to know a thing or two about rugs before you can actually make a good, educated decision. So, the next time you’re looking for a rug to fit into your dream home, keep these trends in mind instead of going to the nearest store and choosing the first thing you happen to stumble across.

Layered rugs

The first trend that definitely needs to be talked about more is the layered rugs trend. What this trend encompasses is creating a deeper, more elaborate look in any are by simply layering area rugs of different sizes on top of each other. However, when doing so, make sure you don’t go too crazy – one rug on top of another is more than enough. Also, avoid choosing the rugs that will clash too much. Instead, go for something that is mutually complementary.

Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs are so stunning and versatile in style that you will certainly be able to find something that fits in with your personal preferences. These rugs are an excellent choice whenever you feel like you need a single design element that will boost the style of the entire room in an instant. The colours and authentic patterns of these rugs are so stunning and lavish-looking that they will often act as a statement piece in any room you choose to put them in.

Pet-friendly rugs

If you are a pet owner, you probably already know that pets and rugs don’t quite go well with each other. That being said, nowadays, you can easily find a pet-friendly rug that will not only work for your living situation but that’s also stunning in design. The latest rug collections by Miss Amara New Zealand actually shows that there is no need to sacrifice style for the sake of functionality. And the best thing is that you can now order your rugs online, without actually having to get up and hit the stores in hopes of finding something that will work for your space in particular.

Patterned rugs

On a similar note as the Moroccan rugs, patterned rugs are an excellent choice for any area that rocks a clear design but needs just a bit of that extra oomph. Additionally, any room that’s designed in modern or even retro style will certainly benefit a lot form an interesting patterned rug with an intricate geometrical design. Furthermore, patterned rugs are a great way to add some more pattern and texture in the room without making it feel overwhelming.

Rugs in unexpected places

Another statement designer trend is the idea of putting rugs in some unusual places. Most commonly, areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom are covered with tiles that are easy to clean and maintain. However, if you choose to add some interesting rugs to these areas of your home, you will instantly lift its design. For the bathroom, try focusing more on rugs made of natural materials, such as jute or sisal. In the kitchen, on the other hand, you can virtually choose any type of rug. Just make sure it’s easy to clean – and keep clean. Also, you might want to choose more vibrant and colourful patterns for this area to make it feel cosier and more inviting.

Rugs but not quite

Finally, faux sheepskin and cowhide rugs are where it’s at. While these are more considered to be floor covers, they can still serve the purpose of a rug both functionality and style-wise. Different animal prints tend to get in and go out of style on and off, but these beautiful copies of raw nature seem to be very popular in interior design. The work best in areas that mimic the rustic, log cabin-like vibe but they are also a welcomed sight in modern interiors.

The next time you are looking to equip your interior with the right type of rug, spend a bit more time researching your options. That way you can rest assured that you’ve made the best possible decision you won’t regret as soon as you bring in your new design element.


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