Having a nice garden to enjoy all year doesn’t have to be that difficult.

If you have moved into a new home and the garden is overgrown you have a lot of work to do. You may have grass that has grown high, and hedges over grown, or trees that have shed their leaves and mountains of them to clear up. But, doing a little bit at a time can help.

Gardening care services to get your outside area looking good for summerYour first job would be a garden clean up. Just try to put in a few hours every week, going through one job at a time. Maybe start dumping rubbish that may be cluttering the garden. Then start on the leaf clearance, and do some hedge trimming and pruning. After this you will have some garden waste to clear before you can carry on. There are special places to dump garden waste and luckily most of it is environmentally friendly. You can hire affordable skips in a size to suit, or just call and hire a garden waste removal service to get rid of the lot. The garden should be looking a little clearer now after these tasks have been sorted.

The grass may be too long for a regular lawn mower to get it short. Spend on some essential equipment if taken care of they will last. Buy a good quality product for the best result. A lawn mower is crucial if you have grass, you can buy small electrical types for small  lawns, and heavy duty gas mowers  for those who have a large garden and lawns to keep under control. You can also hire tree trimming and lawn care services to get the job done.

A trimmer is good to get grass that has overgrown to a reasonable level to use a lawn mower. You can also do the edges of the lawn with these machines, so it saves bending and cutting with shears by hand. When you finally get a short and neat lawn it will look better and the children can play again. It may need some specially formulated products to reduce weeds growing and feed it with vital nutrients to bring it back to good condition. If the weather is hot it will need plenty of watering. Buy a hose and as long as there are no restrictions water regularly. A good tip for recycling water is to have guttering pipes directed into specially designed water barrels for use on the garden. You can also make compost for those grass cuttings and it is an excellent way of recycling your garden waste and even vegetable peeling from the kitchen. More of these eco friendly ideas can be researched in books, magazines and on the internet. There is a lot of advice available for you to care for your garden. Even if you are not looking for a complete landscape you can get it to look relatively neat and tidy for general use.

Mesa Yellow BlanketGardening can be hard work but try not to give up each job you do will be a step forward, especially if you are starting from scratch. Buying the right tools does help. Keep them clean and regularly serviced for optimum results. If you keep all things in order in the garden they will last. Invest in a shed as this will keep all of your equipment safe and dry. Have some sort of order so you can find everything when you need it. You could splash out and spend on garden services to keep it maintained on a regular basis or just do the work yourself.