Ever get up in the morning and go to do your daily grooming, just to get frustrated because your lighting is casting weird shadows on your face, making your life ten times harder than it needs to be? That’s no way to start a morning! Just like if ladies who spent hours putting on the perfect makeup look discovered that their makeup looks completely asymmetrical or way too obvious in photos from the night out. All these problems have the same cause: bad lighting. And bad lighting in your bathroom can make a mess out of your daily routine.

Where to place it

A lot of people think that the more space you can illuminate with a single light fixture, the better. Well, while that might be economic and simple, it doesn’t really work on bathrooms. The one important place you need focus on is, naturally, the mirror. You want your reflection in the mirror to be as close to what you would look like in natural light. Having overhead lighting will cast long, out of place shadows that will make your face look different and make it hard to groom or do your makeup correctly. You want light fixtures on either side of the mirror, preferably in eye level. This will give the optimal lighting to make your face look as natural as possible. If you have a small bathroom, this might be enough to illuminate the whole room, but if your bathroom is larger or has an unusual shape, you might want to add some additional lights. Ambient lighting can also be a great touch, so play around with the design and see what works best for you.

What light sources to use

Deciding on what bulbs to go for is a matter of personal preference. If you have a window to let natural light in, try to position your mirror on the same wall, so that you are not getting any unwanted shadows on your face. A warmer bulb will give you a more natural feeling while a cold bulb will look more modern, but might make your bathroom look a bit too sterile. Make sure that the lights are not too bright or it might make it harder to see clearly when looking in the mirror. Another great light source – and a very relaxing one – are candles. You can place them in strategic places to provide a sense of warmth and coziness to your bathroom.

Style & safety

Of course we can’t mention lights without talking about style. An exposed bulb hanging from the ceiling isn’t exactly the most stylish solution and can also be a hazard. If you have a modern bathroom, you might want to consider some modern design light fixtures, with straight edges or unique shapes. If, however, you are going for a more classic look, round or brass  fixtures can be a good choice. As far as safety goes, make sure that, unless if you are an expert, you don’t do any electrical work by yourself. Hire experts like the ones from ASAP Electricians and rest assured that the job will be done right. Having professionals install your lights will also mean that they are there to advise you on what the best options are for your particular bathroom, if you still haven’t completely made up your mind.

Whether you are going over the top fancy or keeping it simple, good lighting is the most important part of any room, and your bathroom is no exception, so make sure you give it the care it deserves and enjoy it once it’s complete.