In recent interior design trends, area rugs have found their way into the bedroom as a practical, creative and stylish accessory. From Flokati and novelty rugs, to stranded area rugs or flatweave runner rugs, area rugs have the ability to define space and complement its main theme. Visually enticing, area rugs are also functional, protecting floors, cushioning feet, and turning a bedroom into a cozy and comfy sleeping area. However, with so much sizes, shapes, styles, colors, textures and positions, here are a couple of hints when choosing the right area rug for your bedroom.

Determine a Size that Fits

wall-panel-416041_640When choosing an area rug for your bedroom, one of the first things to consider is size. Contemporary interior designer Suzanne Sharp suggests that an area rug should be used to “anchor the room” in order to regulate the room’s natural flow. This means that an area rug has an ability to capture and bring together all the various pieces in your bedroom, and create individual spatial entities within it. Choose an area rug that is large enough to encompass the hind legs of your bed, or alternatively one which can go beneath your night stand and bed at the same time. Additionally, the size of your area rug should be determined by the size of your bedroom, position of walkways and the entrance, and the size and position of furniture.

Choose a Complimentary Shape

The most common area rug shapes are square, rectangular, oval or round. When choosing the perfect shape for your bedroom, look at the furniture arrangement in the room, together with the purpose you have envisioned for the rug. For broad bedrooms, square, rectangular or oval shaped rugs work best; while in smaller ones. a round area rug is your best option. However, there is a third option – choosing both round and square rugs and placing them opposite one another beneath square and round furniture.

Play with Styles and Colors

Made in a mixture of various styles, patterns and colors, area rugs can complement any bedroom’s color scheme. Based on the design of your sleeping chambers, choose a rug that matches it in style, but manages to complement the room’s overall color pallet and accentuate its theme at the same time. A somber space colored in earthy colors might need a solid softer color to make it visually soothing. On the other hand, if your room has a milder or cooler color scheme, an intense, bright pattern or mixture of color is a perfect solution to provide a new level of visual engagement.

Achieve Comfort with Texture

travel-1737168_640One of the main reasons why your bedroom should feature an area rug is comfort. Achieved via texture, area rugs add softness and coziness to any bedchamber, giving it a warm snug feel. When choosing an area rug for your master bedroom, always consider natural fabrics, like wool, silk or cotton. A comfy flatweave runner rug, made from sisal or wool, provides you with a soft surface for your feet in the morning while still providing essential contrast to shaggy furniture textures. Smoother furniture in your bedroom, on the other hand, goes well with a soft woolen shag rug, which adds a cozy touch.

Increase Functionality

An area rug is also a practical furnishing piece to have in a bedroom. When placed underneath furniture, area rugs protect your floors, and minimize the risk of scratching, which is especially useful for hardwood and quality lumber flooring. Used together with padding underneath the area rug, the two anchor furniture to their place. Usually made from non-sliding materials, the padding also protects you from sliding away, while at the same time creates an extra layer of insulation, which provides a warmer surface for your feet.

The perfect time to go shopping for an area rug is before considering every other accessory in your bedroom. This allows you to coordinate the rug with the furniture, and bring all the décor elements together. Consider all the above-mentioned tips, and choose the perfect area rug for your bedroom. Afterwards, you can make the right decision about throw pillows, drapes, artwork, and other finishing touches that will complete the look of your bedroom.


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