Every successful project starts with a good plan, and home renovation is no exception. It’s also crucial you have the best possible communication with your designer before you even start the project, so you can be sure you’re on the same page regarding the outcome of the renovation. If you carefully consider your wishes before the demolition starts, you will be able not only to get your décor wishes realised, but you’ll also save precious time and money.

These following questions are what you need to ask yourself in order to get a smooth renovation and a home that matches your vision.

What rooms do you wish to renovate?

This might seem a menial question, but bear in mind that whatever room you choose to renovate, it will affect the space adjoining it as well. For instance, if you only redesign the kitchen, it may turn out afterwards that the dining and living room feel dated and disconnected. Even if you work with a limited budget that only covers one room at a time, take into consideration how the newly renovated space will influence the rooms nearby and plan accordingly. You may consult a room additions contractor on how to properly add or renovate a room.

How big is your renovation budget?

The exact cost of your renovation project will depend on the size of your space, the size of your vision and even the region you live in. Knowing all the numbers ahead of time is most significant, given it will direct the course of all the work. So before you even pick the paint colour and tile samples, you need to know how much your dream project will set you back. In addition, you need to calculate in tax and consultant fees, possible permits and all the details such as new appliances, furniture and light fixtures.

Bear in mind there are expenses outside the scope of your construction budget that will not be provided by your contractor, so you should inform your designer if all of those expenses are included in the initial budget.

What about storage?

Rarely do we get to see a house that doesn’t lack additional storage, so make sure you think about how much extra storage you really need before the projects starts. Once the renovation is in full swing or nearly finished, it would be almost impossible and extremely expensive to make additional changes.

Moreover, you could consider getting rid of some the things you might not need any more so your newly renovated home will be much more practical and functional. As for all the other possessions that will stay, you’ll have to find a solution to move them out of the way during the renovation. For Aussie residents, for instance, this question is a no-brainer, since this Brisbane-based self storage provider offers excellent storage solutions while the renovation project is in progress.

What is your preferable style?

Your home should reflect your personal style and preferences, whether it’s traditional, modern, transitional or rustic. Make sure your designer is well aware of your taste regarding color, furniture, types of flooring installation and finishes, as they all come in varieties of styles and you need to pick the one that fits your personality the best.

Are there any accessibility considerations?

This is an important consideration to make, especially if you have members with any kind of disability that require a design that can accommodate mobility issues. If you’re planning to stay in the house long term, it’s better you ask yourself this question at the very beginning of the renovation than having to deal with it later, as it will probably incur higher upgrade costs.

Is energy-efficiency important to you?

Energy efficient upgrades and sustainable development are beneficial not only for our environment, but also for your wallet, as it will add value to your home in the long run. It will cut your utility bills and contribute to a healthier lifestyle and lower environmental impact. Before you begin the renovation process, it’s crucial you understand all possible costs and trade-offs of sustainable design.

With good preparations and plans, clear communication with your designer and contractors, and a realistic budget, any kind of home renovation that may initially seem daunting and horrifying, will turn out to be a memorable adventure that will end in you having the home of your dreams.


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