Bathroom renovations can be expensive, no arguments here, but can they be done on a budget? Of course they can, but in that case, you will have to invest not only your budget but also your time and even your handy(wo)man skills. Plan, research, combine and be open to suggestions, otherwise, your plan is sure to fail. As budget is the deal breaker, we have listed the most essential changes for a complete makeover, but if you are happy with some of the mentioned changes, move on to others.

Tiles on (parts of) walls, vinyl on the floors

Tiles are great, beautiful, and useful, but they are also costly. On that note, try to consider a compromise, only place tiles on the portion of walls and the rest you can repaint. If you have your heart stuck on placing the tiles all the way to the ceiling, do it in areas they will be most useful, like the shower or the bath.

As we have mentioned, ceramic tiles cost a pretty penny, so if you want to redo the floors use vinyl tiles instead of placing ceramic tiles. And it’s not just the price, vinyl is also much easier to install, a DIY all the way, and provides a whole range of possibilities when it comes to colors and patterns.

Upcycle your counters

You hate your counters in the bathroom and you want them gone. Sounds reasonable but it’s a place where you can save quite a lot of money. First, see if the counters you have can be updated in any way. If you have the time and skill, you can sand the edges and repaint them to be as good as new.

But if this is not a possibility, try to find a vintage cupboard or a counter you can upcycle to suit the purpose. Search the web and second-hand furniture stores to find some.

Paint with the right colors

As tiles can be a pricey choice, painting your bathroom in full or part is a great way to save some money. As bathrooms are usually smaller rooms you won’t need so much paint, so investing in paint which is better at resisting moisture and mold can go a long way. Though you don’t usually splash water all over your walls, still bathrooms typically have problems with moisture even if ventilation is relatively good.

Choose the right color to create the master feel. Spherec renovation company explains that lighter and pastel tones are great for bathrooms, but you can also combine a lighter color, like white, with a little bit of a darker one, like dark brown or gray. The color contrast will still allow for the room to seem spacious and inviting but it will also provide visual elegance.

Apply some sealing and refinishing

Sealing sounds like a cosmetic change, but it is so much more. It will give your bathroom better protection from mold and give your bath and shower nice shiny edges.

If your bath or shower work perfectly fine but need a little bit of uplifting, reglazing may be the right choice of action. Refinishing or reglazing is cheaper, less messy and it might just be right for you.

Don’t forget the details

Now that you have completed the big changes, it is time to put it all together with a few finishing touches here and there. Consider replacing your mirrors for some vintage finds or finding rescue tower racks for your bathroom. Perhaps create your own holders for toothbrushes, paste and the like, and give your bathroom something truly unique. There is no space for clutter in an elegant bathroom thus store away all that you don’t need on hand all the time, as it will give a small dose of show home vibe. This may also be a great time to conduct plumbing maintenance such as septic tank pumping if you have a septic system in your property.

Giving your bath a master look on a budget is not impossible but it is difficult. Set some time apart to do the research and be prepared to get your hands dirty. Though we all love the feeling of new, consider fixing and refinishing or buying recycled goods before opting for new. It is good for your pocket and for the environment. Remember that updating your bath is not only something you will enjoy but it is also a great investment for your future.


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