One of the greatest experiences in life is when you finally purchase your own plot of land and build your dream home. Once the house is ready for design and decoration, visiting a display home can be helpful in picking the colours, furniture styles and layout, but don’t rush into it. Beginner’s mistakes are easily made, and to avoid them, here are several steps you should take.

Determine your budget and needs

The budget is always a very sensitive issue as it often happens that your desires and reality don’t match. It’s definitely not an exciting part of planning but a crucial one for a successful outcome. You need to determine precisely what you want and what you can afford before you even visit your first display home.

Go deeply into details during this stage and know for sure what your options are, what you want in your home, if you’re planning to extend your family in the future, whether you’ll frequently have guests to stay or not, how much storage is sufficient and if you’re ready to invest your time in gardening and landscape maintenance.

Pick your builders

Another important decision to make is picking the people who will make your dream home a reality, from the foundations to the roof and it’s wise you pick them before you pick your home. To make the best choice, do your research well. Visit the online forums, see the quotes and references, ask among your friends, family and colleagues. Make sure you check how long the roofers or building company has been in business, what their brand quality and range of service is, their customer service and warranties. If the home has recently been destroyed by a recent storm and needs storm damage restoration services, make sure to contact a professional roofing contractor for expert services.

Prepare for the visit

Once you’ve established your budget, builders, basic needs and preferences, it’s finally time for the fun part – your actual visit to a display home. However, it’s important to go well prepared as this is a big decision to make, there’s a lot to take in and learn and your decision shouldn’t be haste.

Arm yourself with a pen and paper and your camera to record all the important details. As these luxury display homes in Sydney demonstrate, you have a wide range of choices that can give you your home at the highest standards possible, with the best fittings, furnishings and designs that will set your home apart from the rest. Just bear in mind your budget and consult the sales assistants about what is included in the price and what is extra, and whether you can afford everything you see and like.

Feel the vibe of the house

Getting the vibe of the house and the general feeling you get as you walk through is important so you can determine if you can imagine yourself in that space. Even before you enter the house, consider the street appeal and if the style agrees with you. When you enter, see if you like a big entry and being able to see all the way through from the door. Trust your instincts and go with what feels right for you as a first-time home buyer.

Rely on additional resources

Visiting the display home in person is essential but some experts also advise turning to some additional resources as well. Using 2D and 3D tools is an exciting way to explore various home designs and you can also pay a visit to colour selection centres to see the available palettes and choose the colour scheme that will fit your needs the best.

Pick the time and enjoy yourself

The most convenient time for visiting a display house is probably the weekend but weekdays are much quieter and sales assistants will have more time for you. Less noise and crowd also means more enjoyment for you. It’s important you enjoy the visit and have fun as well. For many people, buying a brand new home is the highest priority so take your time, go through all of these stages and try to enjoy the process. You’ll have the opportunity to watch your dream become a reality and enjoy your very own home in years to come!


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