Classic and ordinary bathrooms are just not fun anymore. Even this room seeks attention and some new and bold design, so why not experiment with the industrial look? If you are really into this design and you’ve already incorporated some of its elements into the rest of your house, then you should definitely consider some of the classic and creative industrial bathroom design ideas that can help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

An Exposed Brick Wall

An exposed brick wall is one of the basic elements of the industrial design. Also, it lays a perfect, subtle and mesmerizing foundation for the rest of the bathroom design. It will provide the room with a natural and warm perk, and it will serve as a contrast to the sleek steel elements of the rest of the design. Pair the brick wall with a steel stand alone tub and you will create a focal point in your bathroom, while the contrast of a warm brick wall and cold steel bath tub will tie the whole industrial look together.

Chic Design

If the rest of your house’s design is somewhat chic, add such tones to your industrial bathroom as well. Create a focal point by placing various photos above your standalone foot bath which will set the mood. The photos you choose should be according to your taste, but vintage black and white photos and some minimalistic portraits will provide those chic undertones the best. Additionally, you can place a vintage mannequin with a steel base, throw a top hat on it, and voila!

A Modern Twist

Hints of modern designs can easily be added to any other design, and they go hand in hand with the industrial one. Since freestanding bath tubs have once again became a major trend, your industrial-style bathroom should have one. However, in order to create a modern twist, you should opt for some of the modern freestanding stone baths. You can choose an oval bath and bring contrast to edgy industrial style, and you can even choose a black one to emphasize the modern look. If you wish for a bit more modern hints in your bathroom, then you should rely on using black and white tiles, exposed pipes, faucets and other metallic surfaces.

It’s All about Class

To keep it classy, you can incorporate some rustic elements into your industrial bathroom. Place double sinks with a marble or stone surface and place individual mirrors with black frames above them. The cabinet under the sinks can be made of wood, but if you keep it open and expose your soft towels in wicker baskets, you will provide a warm atmosphere. As far as lighting is concerned, you can opt for some vintage steel ceiling lamps and provide a dramatic twist with minimalistic art, such as an anatomic representation of the human body.

Add Creativity

One of the best aspects of this design is that you can experiment with your creativity. For example, you can provide a rustic and interesting element by using a vintage steel bike as a vanity. It is a completely unique way to store your towels and beauty products in the front and back baskets, while you can paint it black for additional contrast. You can basically add whatever you find fit into your bathroom, just make sure you have the place and purpose for it and to use metal or wood in order to satisfy the industrial design rules.

To some people, this design looks rather dark and gloomy. However, even though those are some of the main characteristics, they don’t necessarily have to be incorporated. As long as you stick to chic, sleek and vintage details paired with smooth surfaces and strong materials, your industrial-style bathroom will be perfect and you will definitely enjoy its comfort.