Buying a new home or an apartment requires substantial funds. This is why most people take their time to browse homes and check them for any deal-breaking problems. However, it’s surprising how many people skip getting a pre-purchase building inspection. They usually do this to save a few hundred dollars, which is actually a small price to pay considering there is no going back after you’ve purchased a home. Skipping this step will not speed-up the buying process, but if you still don’t see the benefits of this service, here are the reasons that will prove the importance of a pre-purchase building inspection.

Structural issues

Structural weakness can lead to terrible accidents. A part of the household might collapse and injure a person. Even if nobody ends up in hospital, there’s a strong probability the damage will be practically impossible to repair without a major overhaul. This would require a lot of money, a luxury most of us don’t have.

Furthermore, if the inspection determines the building doesn’t conform to the Building Codes and Standards, your decision to buy will most certainly bring additional responsibilities. The money of bringing the building up to code will have to come out of your wallet. If done right, a pre-purchase building inspection can determine if there are problems such as these and save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

About that repair budget

In the end, you might determine it’s actually worthwhile to purchase a building that requires some repairs because you like it and it’s available for a discount. After all, you might even be enthusiastic about aesthetic and structural customizations, especially if you have a knack for design. However, the inspection might determine there are a lot of hidden repair issues that could amount to a hefty sum.

After the inspector takes a good look at the potential problems and submits a report, you can hire repairmen and other professionals to give you a solid estimate on the repairs that need to be done. After you’ve come up with the final realistic “bill” you might change your mind about purchasing the building.

About those repairs

Electrical wiring needs to go through an especially painstaking, meticulous checkup. Faulty wires can lead to dangerous situations that increase the risk of both electrocution and fire. Additionally, piping in hot-spot areas such as kitchen and bathroom need to be checked for leaks or corrosion. Fire alarm is a prerequisite that every home needs to have and it also needs to be inspected for disrepair.

Reliable experts, as the people behind Home Inspector, will take their time to thoroughly check every aspect of the household for problems which include pest inspection and HOA pest control. Insect infestation can lead to problems with structure (in the case of termites) and hygiene (in the case of cockroaches) that shouldn’t be underestimated. If you notice signs of termite infestation, make sure to contact termite control services right away for an extermination.

There’s one more important aspect of these inspections that have to be addressed – particular kinds of building materials are a known health hazard. Asbestos and other dangerous materials have been used back when we didn’t know enough about their harmful effects. These days, the potentially dangerous materials have to be located and removed from the household before anyone moves in.

Other structures

If we’re talking about buildings that come with a yard, there are probably other structures present, like sheds, garages and patios. These structures also need to be examined and regulations have to be adhered to. Local councils dictate where the structures can be built in the yard and how far away from the main house or each other they should stand. This is why you might end up in a situation where you have to tear down a building and rebuild it in a different place, which is yet another potential expenditure on your part.

If you are buying a home for yourself and your family, you’ll want to make sure it’s a safe place. A pre-purchase building inspection will determine whether there’s too much that needs to be repaired or if the building is downright hazardous. Optioning out of a purchase is always an option and inspections could aid you in pulling out of the biggest financial mistake of your life.