Windows are the weak spot of your house. No matter how efficient the isolation in the walls is, most of the temperature during winter or summer is released via small cracks and fissures in frames of windows. This is without taking into account the fact that, over the summer, the glass heats up when the sun hits it. Thankfully, there are effective methods to improve energy efficiency with window retrofits.

The things you can do

The rule of thumb with window changes, as well as general refurbishing and renovations is – it’s always about saving money. Electrical bills can get astronomical if these daily light sources do not have a good isolation. Traditional aluminum windows are especially known to cause this problem.

There’s a general consensus on the internet that retrofits will save you a lot of money if you opt for it instead of full on window replacement, and it rings true. Many people, however, will also try to do everything themselves, which can work to an extent. If you are really keen on saving money, you can start off by doing some of the things related to renovation yourself.

There are a lot of instructions online on what can you do to retrofit windows, and they are fairly simple to follow. The steps like measuring, removing old panels and caulking are processes you can do yourself. However, if you don’t have previous experience with fitting in the new panels and adding those finishing touches, you might want to reconsider hiring professionals.

Why hire professionals?

First of all, you’ll save a lot of time. Retrofitting windows is not an easy nor a straightforward task. There are a lot of things that can go wrong – you might get the right window retrofit but install it incorrectly or worse, get the wrong window retrofit and install it incorrectly, which adds a whole new level of problems. Add to this the previously mentioned factor that, if you’re not a professional, you will lose a lot of time doing something that can have serious consequences, and you are in for a lot of headache and additional, unplanned financial outings. The installation process is a breeze, no matter if you’re handling it yourself (as an experienced DIY craftsman) or you’re hiring a team of professional home window replacement installers who can provide high-quality replacement windows for your home.

There are a lot of factors to think of. The structure of the house might be damaged, not to mention the aesthetical downgrade. Double the trouble if you’re are not living in your own house but in a building that has to fulfill certain standards when it comes to construction. You don’t want to end up with a lawsuit that will empty your wallet if the goal was to save up on the energy bill in the first place.

Once all of these things are taken into account, you’ll realize the best course of action is to plan ahead and hire professionals – lose more money immediately in order to save money in the long run.

What are the benefits?

The greatest benefits of energy efficient windows are both financial and ecological. If you’re an aesthetic opportunist, you’ll find a chance to freshen up the look of your household with this retrofit. The change might appear to be too small and not very visually striking, but anyone who had ever dabbled in interior design a bit knows it’s all about the details.

Strengthening the insulation of your home, especially in the case of windows, is one of the better ways to go greener and, at the very least, leave a lighter footprint on the immediate environment. The fact that this bodes well for your wallet too is yet another of its benefits. After all, it’s in human nature to try and find the solution that benefits all parties.

Aside from enhanced energy efficiency, sound-proofing and noise reduction is yet another perk of retrofit double glazed windows, which can reduce noise through your existing window of up to 70%. Sound-proofing windows offer a reliable way to reduce noise and regain comfort. This is done by adding a secondary system that stops air leaks and has a large air cavity to buffer the noise.

There are a lot of professionals worldwide who are working on finding the best modus operandi to keep the desired temperature within the four walls. Windows are the weakest point of your home that has to be strengthened if you want to keep your home energy efficient. You just have to follow the latest updates in window insulation and you’ll surely find the most effective way to preserve energy with the newest window retrofits.


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