It’s not always easy to envisage a whole new look for your home, but if you consider the cost of moving home – not to mention the upheaval of doing so – it can quickly become a worthwhile endeavour. Indeed, with a notable increase the number of home-owners remortgaging during 2017, it appears many home-owners agree with that view.

“Moving home is sometimes the best option, but, if you’re happy with the area and position of your home, making some significant home improvements can be the right decision,” said Fulham estate agent, Lawons & Daughters. “Whichever option you choose will include upheaval and significant cost, so think carefully before making your selection.”

Where is your money best spent?

We’re not going to state the obvious here. Instead, the money is best spent on the areas you feel you want more out of. Perhaps you want to take better advantage of a spectacular view. Or, maybe you need more living space. You could even need to increase the number of bathrooms to bedroom ratio. Another area that need improving could be your garden, to make it more family friendly.

What ever improvement or improvements you decide on, you’ll need to get a few quotes and spend plenty of time looking round at what’s possible, what you like and what you don’t. For instance, if you’re planning on improving your roof, discuss with a roofing contractor the best way to improve or repair your roof to boost your home’s value and protect your property from extreme weather conditions.

It’s also worth pointing out that you don’t have to do a lot of work all at once. While it’s probably sensible to complete one whole room, if you can’t do all the works you want at the same time, then make a plan for one or two improvements per year. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the time passes and before you know it, your home has been transformed into your dream property.

“Improving your home isn’t something you should rush, take your time in deciding what changes to make, how much to spend on those changes and over what period to make them,” said Robert Leech. “Doing things carefully may take a little longer, but the end results will be worth it.”

Doing it all at once

If you are in the position to make all your planned home improvements at once. Or, if you’re going for a big extension, you may need to consider moving out for a few months. While this will increase your costs if you need to rent, it should also mean the works are completed more quickly.

That’s because all the jobs can be done when they need to be, rather than to fit in with a family in situ. An experienced project manager will know what order things are best done in and also, have some good tradesmen they’re used to working with and can rely upon.

And, while moving out to improve your home may seem like an even bigger upheaval than selling your home and buying a new one, what you’re really doing is creating a home in the area you love, that includes many of the things you’ve always wanted.

“If you’re going the whole hog and improving your entire home rather than moving house, it really is a great option,” said Plaza Estates. “Why? Because you already know what you need, want and would love to have for that property in that area. That means that when you move back in it will feel like a new home, but to your personal specifications – not someone else’s. And that’s something you rarely get when you sell up and move somewhere different.”


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