The perfect way to breathe new life into an interior and make it more interesting and playful is by introducing bright wall paint colour, wallpaper, furniture, furnishings and accessories. Even the dullest looking room will come to life with the addition of vibrant colours but to have a playful interior, you need to make it stand out as well.

There should be an equal part of liveliness, playfulness and style so check out the following tips that show you how to make your rooms pop!

Pick your colour palette

The latest trends in vibrant interior colours include pinks, blue-greys and golden yellows in combination with soft whites and these work in almost every room in the house. For instance, many people shy away from vibrant colours in their dining rooms, but this combo works excellent right there – go with a vibrant patterned wallpaper on one wall, neutral tone on others and with the addition of red or green mismatched chairs and a few playful accessories, you’ll have a unique and inviting dining room.

Textures and patterns will give the room more depth, the multi-coloured details will be a great contrast to a darker dining table and patterned wallpaper will be indicative of your personality and style.

Introduce vibrant and fun elements in the living room

The use of bright and vibrant details in the living room can also add a playful element and make your room more interesting. A pair of bright chairs contrasted against darker furniture and a colourful rug with neutral wall paint is a great way of mixing different elements. When you’re trying to pick the right one, look for rugs online as there’s a much wider choice of colours, sizes, shapes, materials and patterns so it’ll be easier to find the one that will fit into your playful design. When you style together all the pieces, you’ll have a cohesive unit that brings joy to your space.

Make it modern and comfortable

Modern living doesn’t have to be devoid of comfort. On the contrary, a playful and stylish living room can have plenty of contemporary pieces, such as a colourful sofa combined with a contemporary coffee table. And if you add a few soft, plush cushions, you’ll have a warm and inviting setting.

An element of playfulness can be introduced with small accessories around the room, such as quirky vintage clocks, lampshades, vases, picture frames and ornaments. Just a few details added to the existing soft colour scheme has the power to lift up the design and infuse fun and spark into an interior.

According to the people behind the IED Barcelona’s master degree in interior space design methodology, contemporary interiors should instantly transmit atmospheres and sensations from the moment someone interacts with the space and the materials.

Dreamy bedrooms

Once more, solid neutral colours combined with patterned accents and elegant antiques work exceptionally well in designing a dreamy but playful bedroom. A colourful headboard with plain bedding you’ll only have to buy once and then dress it up differently whenever you want with colourful accessories.

Design details you can use can be a simple window treatment with gold accents, silver candlesticks on a repurposed vintage dresser and throw pillows in aqua blue, grass green and pale pink shades. Even the most boring bedroom will come to life with these playful details so don’t be afraid to take some risk as you mix and match accessories.

Stylish bathrooms

The quickest a fool-proof way to style a bathroom is with rugs and towels that add layers on comfort. Sophistication will come if you keep things simple and playfulness will emerge with accented details. For instance, warm grey walls and light-coloured wooden floor tiles offer a neutral backdrop for more vibrant details stronger blues and greens. They will pop but won’t be overwhelming.

Elegant kitchen

Open, airy shelving and a modern, sleek counter are details that can make the most out of smaller kitchens without weighing them down and with accents in fiery orange and dark green in combination with simple fabrics, textures and patterns will add the necessary punch to the overall décor.

Hybrid and eclectic styles are not something to fear. Experimenting with modern furniture, adding greenery and materials like terracotta, jute, raw wood edges and chrome details will produce a unique and playful style and the final result will be anything but dull. On the contrary, you’ll have a home that is interesting in the most unexpected ways!