When it comes to fashion trends in any industry, they go out of style as quickly as they came so it can become very confusing when you try to renovate your home and paint the interior according to the latest and hottest trends.

Fortunately, the choice is wide and even if you’re not planning to paint your entire house, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found in the newest residential painting trends that will breathe new life into your dull walls. Here are several trends and ideas worth considering.

Power of colours

Psychology studies have already proven an undeniable link between colours and our mood so it’s crucial to make a thoughtful choice when repainting the walls of your home. As that’s the place where you spend most of your time, it should be peaceful, comfortable and calm, so the colour you pick should be reflective of the same ideas.

See what colours make you feel pressured and stressed and which ones have a calming effect, which inspire you and lift your spirits. People are very different when it comes to tastes and preferences and each individual responds differently to different colours and stimuli, so do some research on your part to find out what colours work for you and fit your mood.

Neutrals and pastels

Given that personal tastes are so different from one person to another, for spaces in your home that are shared, the best choice of colour is soft or muted pastels. Besides creating an ambience of serenity and warmth, they’re quite low maintenance and very good in covering nicks and marks that accompany everyday family life.

This colour palette is very low-key so it’s an excellent backdrop for any pop of bold colour you want to add to spice up a room. They’re downplayed but quite powerful and allow you to experiment until you find your favourite combo.

Pastels are also a great choice as they seem to stay trendy year after year. This makes it quite easy to repaint the walls in the same shade but for a polished and high-quality look, it’s best to leave the work to the pros. For instance, these interior painting pros in Sydney will paint your walls to the highest standards and if you have a desire for any specific decorative feature or texture, the final outcome will transcend all your expectations. 

Colour galore

Current colour trends favour all things earthy and incorporating them into your colour scheme will introduce a calming presence of nature to your rooms. They pair perfectly with bold accent walls, brass details and ornaments and greenery.

The idea is to stay away from dark browns as they can shrink the space, but rather opt for clay or mushroom shades that aren’t heavy and add an outdoorsy vibe. The room will seem more elegant and with natural light coming in, it will brighten up whole space.

One shade that seems to stand the test of time and is never boring is pewter, a kind of greyish-beige colour that can perfectly complement any accent wall you have and be a blank canvas to any details and shades you want to add.

Blue is one of the most popular colours that is symbolic of peace and calm and with its many different hues, it’s easily incorporated into almost any interior. As with the earthy tones, avoid dark nuances that close up a space like navy blue, but opt for ice blues and charcoals that enliven the space and soothe those within it. Such colours allow you to tie in other colours in your room without seeming overwhelming.

Painting your entire interior may seem a bit daunting at first, but there’s no need to stress. Tackle one room at a time and when you pick the colours, bear in mind both the current trends and what you want to achieve with them in your home.


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