We live in a day and age where our beautiful world is becoming more and more endangered and where the importance of the environmental care has reached its critical point. Every gesture and every move that is directed towards improvement of the state our environment is in matters now more than ever. Among other things, interior decoration is a place where each individual can contribute to the general well-being and the future of our planet. Home lighting plays a significant role in these contributions and here is how you can turn yours into an eco-friendly one.

 Make the most of natural light

2468789728_8f47ef554b_zIt goes without saying that natural light is the most eco-friendly lighting solution available. It does not use any of Earth’s natural resources and it does not need any energy to work or to be manufactured, other than the Sun’s, of course. On top of that, natural light brings numerous benefits, both when it comes to mood and health in general. Therefore, make the most of the natural light available. The easiest way to do it is to replace any thick curtains you may have with light ones, or use none at all and keep your windows perfectly clean at all times.

 Add a skylight or an extra window

If there is an option of adding an extra window or enlarging the surface of your current ones it will be a worthwhile investment. How does this work? Not only will you increase the eco-friendliness of your lighting by saving energy otherwise used for artificial lighting, you will save money at the same time and return the investment in due time. Skylights are also well worth considering. In addition to being an eco- friendly lighting solution they make a great aesthetic addition to your home design, as well.

Bulb Choice

6340045143_f20c7e96de_zProbably the easiest and the fastest way of making a cross toward eco-friendly home lighting is the replacement of the old incandescent light bulbs with CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) or any other type of energy-saving light bulbs. CFL bulbs provide a high quality light while using significantly less energy than incandescent lamps with almost no heat at all. On top of that, this will save you money all along. The average savings are as high as $40 over the life of a bulb. Also, there are other types of bulbs you can take into consideration. If you do not mind their specific luminosity, LED light bulbs have the brightest future up ahead since they are even more energy efficient than CFLs.

Put reflections to use

By opting for a lighter wall and furniture colour you will maximize the luminous effect of both natural and artificial light. Light coloured ceiling and flooring also contribute significantly. For example, polished wood flooring will reflect a lot of light and surely brighten up the space at any time of day and night. Furthermore, make good use of mirrors and take advantage of their reflectivity. Looking for contemporary floor lamps online, you’ll see that there’s now a wide choice of those coming with non-reflective features.

Have a good night’s sleep

8184405103_a4b2bef8b3_zNot only will you have a steady circadian rhythm, be more eager, healthier and more productive, you will significantly contribute to energy efficiency of your home if you went to bed earlier instead of spending long hours into the night awake. Also, consider installing dimmer light control. This will enable you to at least lower the intensity of the light during evening hours and periods of day when you do not need them to shine with full force and also set the mood for special occasions.

As you can see, eco-friendly home lighting is not a rocket science. It does not require any expertise or large investments, just a bit of effort, organization and a will to change the current state lighting conditions. If the majority of us took this small step, things would drastically improve very soon.