In the sea of various bathroom décor solutions, there’s one that truly stands out – the eclectic bathroom design. This design is somewhat difficult to explain and maybe even a bit tricky to achieve, but it’s definitely instantly recognisable.

So, if you want to create a bathroom that simply speaks volumes about your style and who you are as a person, check some of these ideas out. The important thing to mention is that there are probably not two of the same eclectic designs out there, so use these ideas as a guideline rather than strict rules to follow.

Make it bright

Boring, all-white bathrooms are the thing of the past, and they should most definitely be left there. Instead, freshen up your current bathroom design with a pop of bold colour, or colours, to give its old design a fresh new twist. Bright colours like orange, yellow, red and green are some of the most popular options. Alternatively, listen to the experts from Pantone and come up with an ultra-cute design by going with Ultra Violet.

Create a cohesive environment

While there should definitely be pops of colour, your goal is not to create a circus-like environment. Rather, a unified and cohesive look is the thing you should aim at. So, instead of overwhelming the room with all the colours of the rainbow, try sticking to 3 colours max – not counting the colour of wood, stone and fixture finishes. The rule of three – base colour, accent colour and supporting colour – is the only rule you should actually try follow when applying an eclectic design to your bathroom, to avoid creating a chaotic environment that will only look unorganized and messy.

Mix finishes and materials

Another staple element of an eclectic design is mixing various finishes and materials together to bring out their individual uniqueness. For example, here you can – and should – consider combining stone with wood and mat finishes with the smooth, glossy ones. Basically, you really can’t go wrong, as long as you are happy with the end result. To add some more interest to the space, throw in a sheepskin rug. Why not?!

Aim at luxury

While an eclectic bathroom should look unique, there’s no rule that states that you should refrain from luxury – on the contrary. Modern wall-hung spacious bathroom vanities by Acqua Bathrooms paired with an oversized vintage mirror and washbasin will look out-of-this-world amazing while offering you maximum comfort. Therefore, never shy away from making your design both stylish and functional whenever possible.

Add the odd-one-out

Another key element that can be found in almost every eclectic bathroom is a seemingly misplaced decor element. This can be literally anything – a beautiful oversized vase, a framed movie poster, a beautiful painting – as long as it stands out from the rest of the design and makes a statement. The juxtaposition between the luxurious and the quirky will make the entire space even more fabulous.

Light the room up

As with every other design, unless you have adequate lighting in your bathroom there really is no point in worrying about its aesthetic appeal. Therefore, let your imagination run wild and implement various lighting fixtures in your bathroom design, but choose the ones that can double as decor pieces. For example, a luxurious elaborate chandelier will instantly elevate the pizzazz of your bathroom. For accent lighting, you can add outdoor wall lanterns – unexpected yet aesthetically pleasing, and finally go with subtle modern lighting fixtures for targeted and task lighting.

When talking about the eclectic design think in terms of mixing and matching various styles, finishes, material and eras to create an environment that will best represent your personal style and preferences. If you manage to pull it off, you can be sure that your bathroom design will be discussed among your friends, and some of them may even try to replicate or recreate it.