Your kitchen is one of those places where you always want to go with some trendy options when redecorating. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money and end up with an outdated kitchen. So, before you start redecorating your kitchen, you should take a look at the trends that are guaranteed to stick with us throughout this year. We have come up with 5 different suggestions that might just be what you’re looking for. Make sure you check them all out.

Neutral Gray Dominating New Kitchens

It is safe to say that neutral gray has never been more popular. It is a perfect pick if you want your kitchen to look stylish and sophisticated. You can use it for both your kitchen cabinets and the tiles. Just bear in mind that gray can be quite tricky when used in areas with a cloudy climate. It can make your entire kitchen seem frozen, unless you combine it with some wooden materials, or warm colors like yellow and red. On the other hand, when used in hot and sunny areas, gray can appear pleasantly cool.

Quartz Over Granite

In 2013, granite and quartz were neck and neck when it comes to countertop popularity. And ever since 2014, this trend was slightly leaning towards the latter. So, this year, we can expect quartz to completely dominate granite when it comes to kitchen countertops. This is because quartz is much more resistant to any type of scratches, burns, and chips. In addition, this material is easy to maintain and unlike granite, there is absolutely no need to seal it annually in order to prevent stains. Having this in mind, make sure you go for quartz when choosing your kitchen countertop.

Smaller Appliances

Today, there are many appliances you can get for your kitchen, so make sure you opt for smaller ones that won’t take up too much space in your kitchen. This will especially come in handy if your kitchen is tiny. Another great option are the combo appliances – from a microwave/toaster oven combo to a refrigerator drawer – the choice is completely up to you.

Keep Your Kitchen Intact

Even though cleaning your kitchen regularly has always been an absolute must, in 2017, homeowners will have to put even more effort into it. So, if there is something wrong with your kitchen, make sure you contact the experts as soon as possible. Also, always go with a service provider that has been authorized by the brand that made the appliance. For example, if you have ASKO appliances, find someone who specializes in fixing them. That way you can make sure that everything in your kitchen is functioning properly.

LED Lights Everywhere

Today, we all know that LED light bulbs are a much better option than incandescent ones. Still, not too many homeowners decide to go for these in their kitchens. But in 2017, we are expecting to see more and more LEDs used in kitchens. You can install them on the ground, so that you can see where you are going during the night, or conceal them in the ceiling. Also, you can have LEDs installed in your kitchen cabinets, to show off all of your expensive china.

Staying on top all of these trends will guarantee you a modern kitchen everybody will love. Also, make sure you stay updated on all the kitchen trends that are yet to emerge during the 2017.