Marble is a beloved material for flooring, kitchen and bathroom counters and accents on furniture. While it certainly looks beautiful, marble is also susceptible to stains. So, if you’ve decided to introduce marble surfaces to your home or it’s already been there for some time, it’s very important that you know how to clean and maintain them. That should help you make your marble surfaces last a long time. With that said, we came up with a few simple tips on cleaning and maintaining marble surfaces in your home.

Clean right after use

One of the best things you can do to keep your marble surfaces clean is to start scrubbing right after something gets stained. Removing stains from marble surfaces is probably the most difficult part of it and to prevent headaches, all you need to do is prevent stains. There are cleaning products that have been specifically designed for marble and using them is recommended. Typical household cleaners sometimes contain harsh acids or alkalis that can dull or etch marble surfaces. So, just make sure you use a marble cleaner before the stain penetrates the pours of you marble surface and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Protect your marble flooring

As mentioned above, marble is an extremely popular flooring option. People usually fall in love with it because it gives their home a more glamorous look. If you’ve opted for marble flooring, you should protect it as much as possible. Get area rugs and mats for your home and you’ll prevent dirt from getting into marble pores. This will also help you ward off scratches and keep your marble floor shine like new. If you opt for smaller rugs, you might need to get pads with strong gripping power to make sure they don’t slip. Pads with natural rubber are a good choice since adhesives and glues can stick to marble.

Polish your marble surfaces

If you polish your marble, it’ll result in a mirror-like surfaces that make the entire place look more elegant and luxurious. With most dirt from pores removed, your home will shine which is exactly what interior design is all about right now. However, polishing marble isn’t an easy task and how you do it can have a huge impact on the overall look of your home. Therefore, if you want your marble polishing done right, it’s best that you have professionals do it for you. Experts in marble polishing keep up with the most recent trends in the industry and use top-notch tools that can give your marble surfaces a fresh look.

Don’t use vinegar

Even though vinegar is a good natural cleaner and many homeowners use it, cleaning marbles surfaces with it is a big mistake. While it does remove oils and greases from all kinds of surfaces, vinegar can also etch marble surfaces, which is definitely something you want to avoid. On top of this, if you clean your marble surfaces with vinegar, they’ll eventually lose their shine and will end up looking worn out. As we previously mentioned, marble cleaning products are your safest bet when cleaning this beautiful material, even if you prefer cleaning your home using DIY cleaners.

Cleaning and maintaining marble surfaces isn’t easy. Luckily, all you need to do is follow these tips and your marble flooring, countertops and furniture accents will look amazing. Just bear in mind that this means you’ll need to put some extra effort into taking care of it. We should also note that by cleaning and maintaining your marble, you’ll ensure it keeps its characteristic look for many years and makes your home look magazine-worthy.