Bathrooms often do not get the attention they deserve. They are, at best, treated with the passing thought when compared to what are considered more stylistically inflected areas like the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. Most people settle down for a bathroom that looks “civil” as long as it fulfills its basic functions. However, it can also be an imposing chamber that reflects your aesthetic ideals, so if you ever get a chance to redo your master bathroom, try “renovating to impress.” You may start by installing a new glass shower door to make your bathroom look bigger.

A matter of bathtubs

Believe it or not, luxurious baths have fallen out of favor lately. While they tend to look generally impressive and add a sense of high-end design to any bathroom, they are simply not considered that practical anymore. Now, you might ask yourself – what “impressiveness” has to do with “practicality”? The answer is two-fold:

For one, since we are living in the times of liberal capitalism, every second counts and people would rather choose a method of washing that takes less time – in other words, they prefer showers. Two, showers become simply more convenient as one ages. To have the best of all worlds, you can easily create impressive showers with a true sense of style today and interior designers are bending over backwards to blend the practical aspect with the stylistic one. Finally, the positive impact of showers on the layout and size of the bathroom is undeniable.

Rethink your sink

The sink is your focus-area. In many ways, it is more of a focal element than your bathtub. Both the residents of the household and guests will use it more often than any other bathroom element. This is why, if you truly want to impress, you need to consider putting the most thought into renovating it. First decide whether you’ll go for “livin’ large” style and add two sinks built into one commode with two faucets. Most such renovations require efficient technical intervention.

For instance, this plumber from Canberra can perform all the necessary alterations to the complicated pipeline network in your bathroom area. The key is to get the most efficient service so you can finally move away from these strictly technical aspects and focus on the stylistic part.

The question of whether you need a single sink or more than one is followed by the general style and the material you’d want to use – you can go vintage, create a vanity hybrid with organic wooden surfaces. The number of choices is really staggering and it highly depends on whether you want to create stylistically consistent or eclectic bathroom – both of which can garner reasonably impressive results.

The toilet is a sensitive spot

Toilet matters are usually very delicate and often overwhelmingly awkward for many people, so in order to own a truly impressive master bathroom, you should probably not only consider replacing your toilet with the most comfortable model imaginable (this is where comfort definitely trumps style), but you should also consider “separating” this zone from the rest of the room – without losing extra space.

This is where dividers come in handy, and if you can find one that truly resonates with you and meshes well with the rest of the bathroom, you should definitely try it out. The upside of dividers and curtains that separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom is that they are modular – you are not committing to a solid wall that can turn the space claustrophobic.

Go wild with materials

If you want a blank canvass of a bathroom, you can always go for porcelain or marble in order to invoke a sense of hygiene and spaciousness. However, you should know that, when it comes to creating aesthetically impressive master bathrooms, rarely anything is unusual or forbidden. Most interior designers would encourage you to let your imagination run wild and create something truly unique.

You can see the tides of interior design shifting to the bathroom area and people tend to go for a whole range of visually stimulating combos that emulate the feeling of “boutique” bathrooms. With a few strategically chosen bathroom remodeling tweaks, e.g. a tub to shower conversion, toilet replacement, etc., your master bathroom can easily be turned into an extravagant Zen zone where one is not only concerned with physical hygiene, but a spiritual one as well. It can truly be a place for “washing the worries away” as you enjoy a relaxing bath in an airy atmosphere with details that punctuate its glazed broad strokes.


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