Space. There never seems to be enough of it in a modern home, and no matter how much you try to keep everything neat, tidy, and organized, clutter just seems to pop up everywhere you go, making a mess, creating chaos. While you should strive to declutter your living environment on a regular basis, it’s can prove to be impossible especially considering the fact that you don’t need to get rid of stuff as much as you need to put it to good use.

Enter, the multi-purpose shed. This wonderfully simple piece of human ingenuity has been making homeowner’s lives easier for hundreds of years, and while you might have thought that the dawn of the 21st century has brought new and more exciting solutions, the shed is still the best we’ve got. And it works. Here are the most common shed types you can introduce into your backyard and how to build the most durable and functional unit.

Choosing the right materials

First things first, you’ve got to know your shed options and choose the best building materials to build a strong, durable, and aesthetic unit. Not only will gain some extra storage or living space to enjoy, but you will also raise the total value of your property, which will prove to be very beneficial should you decide to move.

Typically, you can build a shed out of wood, resin, or steel. While you might feel tempted to build your very own movie-like wooden shed, you should know that, although pleasing to the eye, wooden sheds can be highly inefficient in the long run. The material is corrosive and highly prone to damage, it is vulnerable to various pests and mould, and it can deteriorate in a matter of years if not maintained regularly. Regular pest control and termite removal should be taken into consideration.

A more sensible option is to go for a resin shed, which is inherently lighter and more durable. If you’re prudent in your planning, and you’re playing the long game, a steel shed is the best option. For example, the people at Wallandra use high-quality structural steel to build sturdy, durable sheds that are not prone to deterioration and corrosion, and require minimal maintenance. You can also design your steel shed to fit any purpose or need, much like building a simple, wooden unit.

Gardening shed

Tired of tripping on your gardening tools on the patio or leaving them lying about in the garden? One of the most common solutions is to build a small gardening shed where you can keep all of your garden essentials. This is also the perfect place for cleaning products, pesticides, and sharp tools that would otherwise be unwelcome inside the house. Moreover, a gardening shed is a wonderful aesthetic addition to the rest of the landscape, as it can be decorated in numerous creative ways.

Storage shed

Another popular solution is a simple storage shed, however, you want to keep up with modern times and create a functional, organised space at the same time. Forget about messy, cluttered sheds where nothing can ever be found, you want to equip your unit with shelves, boxes, cabinets and trunks, neatly organised and labelled. There you go, functional and pleasing to the eye. If you will be using for storage you might leave it alone for extended periods of time, so don’t forget to take a look around every now and then. Depending on the material you could find that you need to call termite control, or perhaps run into a leak that is damaging what is stored within. As long as you keep an eye out you can avoid untimely issues that could cause setbacks.


Finally, your shed can serve many a DIY aficionado’s needs. By equipping your unit with a workbench, a tool chest and cabinet, and illuminating copiously, you will have built your very own workshop where you can make all of your crafting dreams come true. You can even expand the frame to fit your car, allowing you to work on and repair your beauty in a controlled, safe setting.

The possibilities for a multi-purpose shed a numerous, as it can be outfitted to serve all of the aforementioned purposes, and much more. You can even create a lounge area by building a second story, or it can serve entirely as a kids’ play area. With so many options at your disposal, the only thing left to do is to choose your preferred building material and start planning your very own multi-purpose shed.