Stone is a natural material that possesses a timeless elegance and beautiful design so it easily brings in warmth and luxury to a home. It also has natural charms and connects you to earth and nature but it doesn’t lose any of its appeal over time.

There are many different types of stone that can be used in the interior as well as a variety of styles, from marble, granite, onyx, travertine, quartz, slate and limestone and they can all be used as flooring, wall decoration or countertops.

Natural stone has a universal appeal, it’s modern and versatile giving your home unique appearance and rich texture. Even a small mosaic can make a huge difference and create a stunning interior design piece. Here are several ideas about how you can use natural stone to enrich your home interior.

Natural stone mosaics

Stone mosaics are one of the oldest design elements which haven’t lost their beauty and appeal over time so they can still be seen in many commercial and residential spaces as stunning decorative features.

Sophisticated and elegant stone mosaic designs can be done using pebbles and small, precisely cut stone pieces to produce a unique floor or wall decorations in a variety of geometric shapes that will enhance both the interior and outdoor spaces.

Natural stone slabs and tiles

Stone slabs and tiles are a classic, widely-used material for interior décor and whether it’s granite, marble, travertine or onyx, they can emphasise the existing design and enrich the space. They are perfect for both a sleek, minimalist style and the more luxurious, expensive look. The choice is wide and this expert for tiles in Canberra, for instance, offers imported Italian marble, bluestone, limestone, sandstone, granite, and travertine that all provide an elegant option for your lobby or foyer, a bathroom, kitchen or as a solid surface for work stations and benches.

Decorative stone art objects

In the hands of a creative an experienced stone craftsman, any piece of stone can be transformed into a true work of art such as stone sculpture, bathroom washbasin, kitchen sink or decorative objects.

A vignette of carved stone objects, vases, sculptures or figurines will bring a nature-inspired vibe to your rooms and in a space that might seem cold and sterile, these elements will bring a more homely feel and unpretentious organic beauty.

Stone details in kitchens and bathrooms

Granite, marble and onyx are excellent choices for installing stunning stone details in kitchens and bathrooms. Custom-designed and handmade stone bathtubs and sinks are made in a variety of styles and shapes and are sure to stand out as striking centrepieces in modern bathrooms and kitchens.

Whether you’re going for a rustic or contemporary kitchen style, using ledge stone, thin, rectangular tiles of different width and lengths stacked and fitted together as a backsplash will create a rugged, unfinished appearance that contrasts perfectly a smooth, streamlined cabinet style and fittings.

Stone furniture and lighting

Marble, onyx and travertine are ideal for designing unique furniture pieces such as coffee, dining and console tables, shelves and nightstands. The beauty of such furniture also lies in the fact that it combines extremely well with other materials such as wood and metal producing original, stunning pieces that fit seamlessly into modern interior home design.

Light fixtures are no exception when it comes to using stone as materials and contemporary pendant lights and classic table lamps are gorgeous examples. Despite their weight, these light pieces are extremely popular as they add an element of chic and exclusiveness to both offices and homes.

Stone comes in many different shapes, sizes, colours and textures making it extremely usable and versatile for decorating interior spaces. Natural stone adds loads of character and warmth to space and complements various styles, from rustic to traditional and contemporary.


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