Most people agree that cleaning is one of the most tedious and energy-draining household chores. We all know it has to be done regularly, but fail to find any way to make it faster and less tiring. On top of that, we are sometimes left disappointed with the results of our labour, even though we spent hours of our precious free time cleaning the place.

This usually happens either because we’re doing something wrong or because our house was not designed to facilitate easy access to all areas. Sometimes it’s even a combination of these two factors. Still, it doesn’t mean we should give up on cleaning or lower our standards in terms of hygiene. On the contrary!

Floor is the worst enemy

13243538625_d2617c0c0f_oLogically, floors are the parts that contain most dirt, especially if you have pets. Your floor cover may be difficult to clean and maintain, which means you might consider replacing the floor covers. You are now spoilt for choice when it comes to easy-to-clean flooring with materials such as vinyl tiles, stained concrete with a protective sealer, laminate and hardwood floors. What you should definitely avoid are wall-to-wall carpets, since they are the most difficult to clean. Instead, choose an area rug or carpet tiles.

Walls also get dirty

Although they may not be everyone’s second choice when it comes to parts of the house that get dirty, walls do hold significant amount of dirt, particularly in the living room and the kitchen. In order to clean them without much hassle, make sure you paint the walls using high-quality paint, which would not come off when you clean the walls. A shop assistant at your local store should be able to help with the type of paint you need and your only job is to select the colour.


You must have noticed by now that some materials are much more difficult to clean than others. For example, leather is considered to be easy to maintain (unless it’s white), but more and more people are opting for faux leather, since it’s much cheaper, but it offers even more options in terms of design. When it comes to colours, darker ones such as black and dark grey are more cleaning-friendly.

Slipcovers can help

Another feature that is becoming increasingly popular is slipcovers. They help you clean your upholstery fast and with minimal effort. The only thing you need to pay attention to when buying one or having it custom-made, is that the fabric is machine-washable, since that will greatly simplify the cleaning process.

Mobility is useful

16498738325_0d5442567e_zIf you make your furniture items mobile by using locking casters, you’ll make vacuuming, sweeping and mopping a breeze, especially in the dining areas. This simple trick is useful, since it can help you create wider spaces to clean and help you reach those remote areas as well.

Consider hiring help

Cleaning, especially the famous spring clean, is not only tiring, but we often can’t afford to dedicate enough time to do it properly. In that case, it might be smart to turn to janitorial cleaning services in providing house cleaning services. If you can afford having someone else cleaning up the place for you, you can use that time to pursue other activities that you’re actually interested in. Also, you won’t have to think about buying and replenishing various devices, cleaning agents, detergents, etc.

Even if you have no other option and there’s no-one to help you clean your home, you shouldn’t despair. Making some adjustment to both the design and your habits can bring about excellent results. Thinking of this routine as a task which is going to help your home become not just cleaner, but also much healthier should help you if you don’t feel really motivated. Once you approach the process from the right angle, you’ll do your best and the results will be there for everyone to see them. This will also show you that your effort was worth it.