A home design trend that’s been going strong for quite some time now is definitely blurring the lines between your indoor and outdoor living areas. We have all come from nature and the need to return to it has never been more obvious than during the past couple of years.

Our outdoor living areas have been graced with such a dose of interior comfort that we basically can even remember what it was like to sit on simple outdoor plastic chairs. Since nowadays, our outdoor areas are made to resemble our indoor ones as much as possible, it comes as no surprise that outdoor rugs have become extremely sought after. So, if you’re considering buying an outdoor rug for your exterior living space, here are some important considerations.

Choose the right type

When choosing the perfect rug for your outdoor area, keep in mind that that’s where it will be placed. What this means is that the principles based on which you’ve chosen your indoor rug do not apply here. While for indoors, you want to go with something warm and cosy, such as a fluffy woollen rug, here you need the exact opposite. A flatweave rug is the best choice of outdoor areas without a doubt as it can easily withstand heavy foot traffic and can easily be cleaned. Flatweave rugs are arguably the most durable type of rugs, which makes them a perfect choice for outdoor areas.

Think about different colours and patterns

When colours and patterns are concerned, you have a couple of options to choose from. You can either go with something that will blend with your exterior entirely or you can decide to contrast it. For instance, a nice outdoor rug with a leafy pattern will be perfect for outdoor areas that blend with the surroundings design-wise, while rugs with elaborate patterns and pops of colour are the perfect choice for more streamlined, modern outdoor areas.

Consider the size

When choosing a rug for your outdoor area you should decide how big you want to go. If you need an outdoor rug for the outdoor dining area, make sure it’s at least 40 cm bigger on all sides than your dining table. On the other hand, if you need a rug that will act as a base of your outdoor seating area, you can go for smaller dimensions. For instance, this Castle Hill supplier of rugs offers outdoor rugs of various sizes, so you will definitely be able to find something that will work for your outdoor area.

Ease of maintenance

Additionally, you need to make sure you choose an outdoor rug that’s easy to maintain. Unlike your indoor rug, your outdoor rug is bound to get very dirty quite easily, especially after rainy days because nobody will take their shoes off before stepping on your outdoor rug. That’s why you need to make sure that it’s easy to clean and maintain so that you avoid the need to replace it frequently. Furthermore, do know that there are certain materials that are much more suited for the outdoor rugs, so make sure you keep that in mind as well.

Choose water-resistant

Finally, make sure you go with a water-resistant rug because it will be exposed to outdoor elements and you don’t want to be running outside and rolling up your rug whenever it starts raining. The rugs that are not water resistant will get significantly more damaged faster and can easily disintegrate and rot away quite fast, which is definitely something you wish to avoid.

When choosing the right rug for your outdoor area, make sure you keep these tips in mind which will definitely make the selection that much easier.