Proper Ways to Burglar-Proof a Front Door

7500511890_f1591181a5_zNo matter whether your area is top listed for instances of thievery and break-ins or not, it is sound to invest in some additional home safety measurements. After all, it’s not fancy equipment we’re talking about, it’s the safety of our family and valuables. It may be difficult to believe, but the statistics says that around 33% of housebreakers target the front door in particular, and 70% if the garage and patio doors count in.

Since front door is the burglars’ favoured prey, we should fortify it with the high-end type of lock. However, just introducing an ANSI Grade 1 lock will not suffice as majority of thieves circumvent the lock obstacle. The best we can do is to cover all the possible aspects of front door security. Here are our suggestions.

Drop the windows

We choose the door-windows for their elegant look and design, but mainly for the sake of light reaching into our hallway. Still, they are a potential weak link in the home safety scheme. If the glass is near the handle, there’s a danger thief may crash it and reach the inside lock.

If you’re thinking about acquiring a new door, go windowless and cross that off the safety list. On the other hand, if you’re already geared up with such door or certain windowed model grasped your attention, you’d have to safeguard it additionally. Think thick, tempered glass with some ornamental bars or other form of extra metal support.

Solid built

No doubt about it: outside doors need to be sturdy and impact-resistant. That signifies you should opt for solid wooden model. Alternatives are the metal and fiberglass structures. For a metal kind, ensure that it possesses inside reinforcement and a block to stop a burglar from performing a carjacking method. Strengthened steel type is the most solid option, but owning them would include some extra keeping up to prevent the occurrence of rusting.

No shrubs, please

A neat garden greatly improves the overall exterior layout of the house. Nevertheless, no bushes or shrubs should be located right under windows or next to the front door. Don’t give a thief a convenient hiding place to lurk from or obscuring shield from the neighbours’ eyes.

Step up the game

Deadbolt-wise, you may even introduce an auxiliary, one-sided version. Although you cannot use a key on them from the outer side, they would work superbly for the times you’re actually in the house. Once you turn it from your side, it will be a downright mission impossible for the thief. These locks can salvage you from a serious house intrusion when you’re sleeping or enjoying the company of your dearest ones, claims at Apex Locksmiths. However, if you accidentally got locked out, you may contact a residential or commercial locksmith for professional lockout services.

The door structure

3312949606_93a013b49e_zWe mustn’t overlook the aspect of the frame and a doorjamb. They are the vital components of door defence. One energetic hit to a frail frame of jamb and it the door will break open like a charm. Steer clear of lean, feeble strike plate and go for an extended strike-box (a kind of steel compartment that stores the bolt section of the deadbolt). Fix the 3 inch screws deeply into the doorjamb and wall studs both. Lastly, a galvanised steel reinforcement for the door jamb is advised to defy all strikes.

Intimidation tactics

If you’re dealing with a reasonably smart thief (not a drug addict or such), they would usually be deterred at the sight of certain elements present at the front door. Nip their devious plans in the bud with the introduction of surveillance cameras and powerful, sensor-activated illumination.

Another option to consider beyond modern standard of sensor LEDs is a Wi-Fi linked doorbell. The system is immediately set in motion once someone presses the bell, but with instantaneous image, sound and communication options. This way you can see, hear and speak to the bell ringer via your smart phone.

When it comes to home security, no price is too high when your family safety is in question in the first place. Secondly, installing a poorly built door could make your house an easy loot-source even for the local newbie. Seek to eliminate the door’s weaknesses and invest in upgrades.