Some people decide to revamp their bathroom when they really have no other option, because the bathroom is a mess following major repair works, while others are more interested in increasing the value of their property since they wish to sell their home. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that modernizing the bathroom in your home is a step in the right direction.

Needless to say, the scope and type of the bathroom remodel you’re planning depend heavily on your budget and ideas. While we can’t really help you with the former, we’re more than happy to share the following design tips, which don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.


If your walls are in good condition, this is a project that you can really do without any professional help. Even the most boring room can be awaken using a trendy colour, just make sure you use a slightly lighter colour for the ceiling in order to make the bathroom look a bit more spacious. Believe it or not, the ceiling doesn’t have to be white.

Wall decoration

Once you’re done painting, you can turn your attention to the decorative items you’re going to put on the walls. The first thing most of us think of is a mirror and rightfully so. Choosing an original, perhaps even vintage mirror would surely help you transform your bathroom. Also, glass shelves are classy and easy to maintain. Finally, you might want to consider introducing a work of art, such as a framed photo or even a reproduction of a painting you like. However, be careful when choosing this type of decoration, since you don’t want to disturb the sophistication and simplicity of modern design.


It’s much easier now to choose the right lighting, with such a wide range of products and prices to choose from. Make sure that the lights you choose fit the style you’re going for and that they are not wasting more energy than necessary. If there’s a nook that has never seen the light, consider introducing a mini pendant or a wall sconce there.

Minimalism is the word

If you really want to have a state-of-the-art bathroom, you have to be ready to get rid of all unnecessary things you’ve been keeping in it. Not only will your bathroom look much nicer, but you’ll achieve this effect without actually spending any money. Just take a look at any image of a modern bathroom published either online or in a magazine and you’ll notice that the countertops are anything but cluttered. In addition, having fewer items means it’s easier to keep everything organized and tidy. If you still can store all the items away from the countertop, think about introducing open shelves.


Introducing or replacing fixtures can also go a long way when it comes to upgrading your bathroom. Whether we talk about showerheads, tubs or toilet seat bidets, every change, no matter how small, will bring something new and exciting to the overall design. What you need to be careful about, though, is not to overspend because some items might be quite expensive.


Knobs, towels, handles and all other seemingly unimportant things you can find in every bathroom can also provide a visual update which will really change the way your bathroom looks and you may wish to include them in your renovation project.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling bold, consider replacing or painting the floor to match your new décor. If you can’t mess with the floor, at least throw in a rug to cover the ugly floor tiles or patterns.

Some of these tips do require professional assistance, but some don’t, which means you can save money and invest it in other forms of improvement. While money is always important, we can say the same thing about the ideas. If you are running out of them, you can always browse through thousands of pics online and wait for the next wave of inspiration.


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