Whether it’s a small bedroom or a master one, it needs to be properly illuminated. Besides providing enough natural light, you will need additional fixtures in order for your bedroom to be a true sanctuary. Layers of light will help you set the right mood and it will help you get rid of dark corners. If you’re having troubles with choosing the right lighting, here are some tips to get you started.

No Shades
In order to avoid dark corners and dim your bedroom atmosphere, you will have to avoid shades on your lamps. Lighting fixtures with shades are too opaque and they can make the whole room look dark and stuffy. Such fixtures may look elegant, but the light they are providing is not functional. So, before you buy a lamp for your nightstand, search for equally elegant models that have no shades and you will provide enough functional light for your bedroom.
Wall-Hung Lighting
If you don’t have enough space on your nightstand for a lamp, think about hanging one on the wall. Create symmetry with elegant adjustable wall lights on each side of the bed, and always have enough illumination for your reading before bed. Another benefit of wall-hung lighting fixtures is that they are powerful enough so you won’t have to leave the main overhead lights on. Additionally, when you’re not using these lights, you can adjust them back to their original position and provide elegant and symmetrical addition to your bedroom design.
LED Lights
Your vanity and mirror should be illuminated as well. Instead of trying to fit a lamp on the vanity, you can opt for a simpler solution. Use LED spotlights and build them into the frame of the vanity mirror and always have enough light for your daily makeup application. To provide extra contrast, you can repaint the frame black and build in the LEDs which will contrast the background and provide a well-lit environment in front of the mirror.
Ceiling Lights
In smaller bedrooms, it is harder to arrange the bed and its surroundings. In order not to occupy too much space with lamps, you should consider ceiling-hung bedroom lights. With such fixtures, you can achieve a better visual impact of the whole room and leave enough floor space for your furniture. Also, you will be able to easily access your bed, nightstand, drawers, and dressers without having to move around lamps and other fixtures. What is more, ceiling lights have become a major trend in bedroom design, especially in Australia, because of their practicality and visual appeal. However, before installing such lighting fixtures, you should consult with professionals, and you can easily ask Sydney Local Electricians for useful pieces of advice on how to safely install such fixtures above your bed.
Illuminate Your Closet
In order for your bedroom to be fully illuminated, you cannot forget about the closet. Dark closets are one of the most frustrating things, since you cannot properly see what you’re looking for. The only thing you should pay attention to is the position of the light bulb. It should be at least 12 inches away from the edge of the upper shelf or the rod, in order not to burn your clothes. Also, most professionals favor fluorescent lights because they are cooler, save energy, and provide lots of light.
Set the Mood
In order to create cozy and homey atmosphere, you will need to use the lights to set the mood in your bedroom. The best solution includes dimmers on lights, which can alter them and provide better ambience. Moreover, you can use softer or even colored light bulbs which can affect the mood of the room as well.
The key to a well-lit bedroom is layers of lights. Such arrangement will get rid of dark corners and shadows in the room while they can easily be controlled to set the mood or create the perfect atmosphere for your late night reading.